Elm Bank Show - Wellesley, MA

Started by Tom Hitchcock, June 25, 2007, 06:44:00 PM

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Tom Hitchcock

Anyone within driving range should plan to attend next year's Elm Bank [No, it is not a b-a-n-k, but a grand estate] show in Wellesley, Massachusetts, just down the street from the college.  I beliebve it was only their third year, but what a great setting between well-kept grounds and gardens covereing a lot of real estate complete with live and canned music stages. Many Cadillacs, spanning many decades were on display as well as many other makes and models.  Besides Bob Millian's flawless white '60 Eldorado I was especially impressed with a triple-color'56 Packard Caribbean 2-dr hardtop.  Like I said, try to make it next June.   
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