Cars exactly like Elvis's Mom's on ebay!

Started by Charlie Petty CLC#18187, July 16, 2007, 12:07:58 AM

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Charlie Petty CLC#18187

One guy  has a '56 Fleetwood listed, includes a big picture of the '55 at Graceland for reference, and claims it is the same year and model.  Another guy has a '55 Series 62 sedan listed, calls it a Fleetwood, and claims it is exactly the same as the car at Graceland.  Oh yeah, it's a different color too.  It's amazing.......


Quote from: South_paw on July 16, 2007, 10:31:42 PM
The car for sale is actually a 56 Sedan DeVille. He thinks it's the same as a 1955 Fleetwood  ;D 

These three names will inevitably pop up in a Cadillac conversation and/or ebay listing
1930's Cadillacs and Al Capone
1950's Cadillacs and Elvis
1970's Cadillacs and Jimmy Hoffa (in the trunk) ;)


......and 20 double 0 Escalades that Tony Soprano had the waitress from the Club on the front seat of!!!

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John Tozer

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