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Started by cadillacs, August 22, 2007, 10:24:29 AM

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I'm looking to move some things from Tampa to Lexington, Tn. (half way between Nashville and Memphis on I-40) One of the things I want to take up there is my '68 Eldorado. I can not find any rental companies that will rent there car trailer for a 4580 lb car. U-haul for example is 4000lb. Does anyone have any ideas? I know I can have it transported but as I don't live there yet I would rather trailer it than wait and hope when the car will arrive. Been there more than once. Any help appreciated. Doc
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Two years ago, I faced the same dilemma to transport my low-mileage 1963 Sedan de Ville to Grand National in Des Moines. My father-in-law is a U-Haul dealer and even he couldn't help me out.

I ended up calling local dealers that sell utility trailers and some of them do have rentals available. They did, however, quote $500 for a week's rental. Good luck!

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I would simply buy a tandem (2) axle trailer ( a little over $2k new) since it sounds as if you have other things to transport as well. I bought one and am always using it for something. Resell when you are finished if you prefer since they are an EASY sell. You will want an 18' for the Eldorado.  Another option, DON'T tell rental place you are towing a big Cadillac...tell 'em it is a 79 toyota pick up. U-haul will also be concerned with what you are towing it with...the bigger the vehicle the better, as it has to be heavier than both the transported car and the trailer it is on.  

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I moved a 1930 LaSalle from Southern Ca. to Ma. by putting it in a 20 Ryder truck and drove it across. I had to hire a ramp truck on either end to load it.

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Quote from: South_paw on August 22, 2007, 04:22:50 PM
I was in the same situation a couple of years ago. After searching around, I found out that a new 20 foot steel deck trailer could be had for a little over $2k. Delivered to my door, btw.  I sold the trailer after a few years of use for a profit 8)  So when the time comes again, I will buy another trailer and sell it when I'm done with it.  It's cheaper in the long run.
If you want to go this route, Email me for the trailer manufacture site. They sell direct and make Caddy proof trailers ;D   

I am with Lou and William.

Plus, you will end up with lots of "friends" when they find out that you have a "Trailer".

But, seriously, I always buy things in preference to renting, because, in the long run, you have an asset to sell after you have finished using it, if you treat it nicely, and you will always have it to use, no matter what it is.   I purchased a Jack Hammer to dig out underneath the house, and still have it.   Haven't touched my pick or mattock since.   Couldn't afford the Bobcat, but thought about it.

When I was planning my USA trip in 2002, I was even contemplating buying a triple trailer if I found enough cars to buy along the way.   Could always sell it afterwards.

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Before you buy a trailer just a word of advice.  These Eldo's from '67 on are
very wide cars and require a trailer that is beyond the specifications of the
"normal" ones sold.

A year or so back. Tim Paul (former President of the Cadillac Museum and
Research Center) wrote an excellent article in the Self-Starter on this
very topic.

I recommend you read it or just E-mail Tim and I'm, sure he'd be glad to
share the info with you.

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I have moved several 73 eldos and 3/4 ton 4x4 on my trailer.  I know the bed is 16 feet long. I think its 8' wide but that doesnt seem right since I think 8'6" is the max allowed on the roads so it must be closer to 7'.  The doors clear the fenders as long as the tires arent flat. As far as I know its a standard trailer. I think its rated at 7000 pounds and has brakes on both axles.  Issues are that low hanging stuff catches the back edge of the trailer on the way up.  I have since learned that this is why many car trailers have a extra bit of slant at the back.

A larger factor than the trailer is what you have to tow it with.   I had a F150 when I first got it and that could not handle much.  I then got an 3/4 ton chev that was better.  Next I got a heavy 1 ton dually, that was the way to go.  After I sold that I now borrow my dads 2000 3/4 ton chev and that does almost as good a job as my 1 ton did.  All these trucks had the brake controlers.  I would not even think about hauling a car without trailer brakes not to mention that most states require trailer brakes between 2000-4000 pounds which you will be well above.

Is it a super low miles car or not in shape to drive?  I only move stuff on trailers when they cant drive. It would prob cost less in gas even for the 2nd car.  A truck big enough to tow a car like that will get pretty crappy mileage pulling something that large.
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