Hershey or Carlisle, where to go???

Started by harvey b, August 23, 2007, 06:15:29 AM

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harvey b

Hello All, am planning a trip this fall to Hershey Flea Market,have been to Carlisle back in 94 and 95,wheres a good cheap spot to stay anyone have recommendations on that one?also what one would you prefer,i am looking for old cadillac parts,carlisle seemed to have a lot of newer parts when i was there.we have been going to the Barrie Flea market for the last 7 or 8 years,it is in Ontario,Canada.it is big,but the dishes and baby clothes crowd are starting to take it over.as i live in Canada and the canadian dollar is strong,and hershey and Barrie are the same distance away,its time to try another venue.any tips or favorite places would be very helpful.  thanks Harvey Bowness.
Harvey Bowness

harry s

Harvey, Hershey is definately the place to go for old Caddie parts. There are a lot places to stay, but they book up in a hurry. If you can't find any place close try Harrisburg which is about 10 miles away. Be sure and visit the CLC tent while there.
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Harry's right, be prepared to stay somewhere other than Hershey, any of the close-by places were filled a long time ago., this is a HUGE show!  Maybe you'll get lucky and someone here will have an extra room (or bed) you can have.
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