Convertible (?) '59 or '60 Cadillac - See pictures - What is it?

Started by Fred Zwicker #23106, July 28, 2007, 10:41:47 AM

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Fred Zwicker #23106

 ???  In my travels yesterday, noticed this Cadillac Convertible (??) and am wondering what it is and why it is sitting in the second row of a transmission repair shop in Hubbard, Ohio.  From the looks of it, it needs more than transmission work.

There were other cars in a row also.  Some day when I get a chance will stop in to see what's up.  There were many others and all were lined up on Route 62, just about a mile south of the intersection of Route 62 and Interstate Route 80. 

I took other pictures (10 total) and will be glad to email them to anyone if interested. There was an older Bonneville convertible, some Chevys, Fords, Mercurys and Lincolns, a Studebaker, Nash Rambler with spare tire on trunk , T-Bird hardtop, others.   There were some others under large tarps, but I was not able to check them out at the time.   The shop owner probably wondered why I was walking around taking so many pictures.   Being short on time, could not spend the time to investigate further.  I did not see any pre-war cars, other than a 1937-1939 Ford sitting by the main door.  It was rusty and had no hood or grille, but I was able to get a picture.

Fred Zwicker
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"In my travels yesterday, noticed this Cadillac Convertible (??) and am wondering what it is ....."

It is a '59 from all appearances, and is either a convertible or a coupe with the top cut off.  It would also be a MAJOR restoration project from the looks of it !!

Start at a young age on this one and have lots of money.   ;D
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This is the kind that's advertised.... "Ran when parked.  Needs cosmetics. Needs TLC (Thousands in Loose Cash) In family since new ( Four generations took their turn at trashing it). Mostly complete. FIRM PRICE or it goes to BARRETT- JACKSON!

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