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hole above the brake booster

Started by hallam2000, September 02, 2007, 06:12:33 PM

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Hello ive been looking over this 61 deville and Ive notice that the people had a really bad mechanic working on it. The first thing I was wondering about was the 5/8 hole above the brake booster on fire wall , there nothing going throught it and also theres  a vaccum line coming out of the bulk head harness to the right of the booster and its about 8 inches long going nowhere.  The exhaust is all held up with coat hangers. There alot of duck tape covering a lot of wire splices. There alot more but not enough space to write it>..lololol   Thanks ,Shane
61 deville,71 spitfire,70 malibu, 78 honda moped...lololol