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Where to find spark plug wire loom for '49?

Started by OK, September 17, 2007, 01:09:42 PM

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Any ideas where I can purchase new spark plug wire looms (aka the rubber part that keeps the spark plug wires lined up correctly and is mounted on the valve covers) for a '49 Cadillac?  I tried Steele, but they consider it an engine part; USA Parts Supply seems to only have them for mid-50s cars and later.

O. Kerr

Jay Friedman


'49 motors did not have the rubber part you refer to.  These were only mounted on valve covers later in the '50s as USA Parts Supply told you. 

'49 spark plug wires are held in metal conduits screwed onto the side of valve covers on early motors (before eingine # 32.000 or so) and are looped through metal loops attached to the back and sides of the valve covers on late engines.


Thanks, Jay.  I suspect a prior owner put 50s valve covers on, as the covers have (old) rubber spark plug looms on them now. I'll look into that.
O. Kerr