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Started by Kurt Kjelgaard, August 24, 2007, 06:11:42 PM

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Kurt Kjelgaard


I'm trying to get in contact with Ron Metcalf, Desert Hot Springs, CA.

He is running a company called RPM Engineering. He advertises on Hemmings for custom made brakes and steering for older Cadillacs. For six months I have been trying, but only gets his answering machine. His website is currently down ( No responses on emails.
I need to get in contact with him - can anybody help me with an alternate way to contact him?

OK to email me direct -

Kurt Kjelgaard
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Kurt Kjelgaard
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Found an ad on website - looks to be the guy you are trying to contact.

1937 Cadillac Lasalle; No rust, 99% complete, extra grill, all sheet metal, Cadillac big block and turbo 400 trans, disc brakes, p/steering, dual side mount covers, body needs restoration. Call 760-329-1886. Located in Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241

Jack McClow CLC #15840

Hi Kurt,

Sorry I didn't see your original post ........ I know the man you are trying to find, and have met him a couple of times ........ he shares a restoration building out in the California desert with a friend of mine ....... if you haven't found Ron yet, please call me and I'll put you in touch with my friend who will be able to get you in touch with Ron.

Jack McClow


I spoke with Ron and he explained that he has been in the hospital since a bad car accident left him with a concussion, broken hip, collar bone and other fractures.   He is still spending a lot of time in and out of the hospital with physical therapy and all.  He sounded pretty rough; like he'd been wrung through the mill. 

A truck driven by an undocumented, uninsured illegal alien hit him.

Then to add insult to injury while he was in the hospital Ron was the victim of robbery at his shop.  They cleaned him out including phones, answering machine, fax, computers, etc. and tried to start a fire to cover their tracks.  A lot of his records were destroyed. 

Kurt - Ron asked that you please keep trying to reach him - be persistent. 


Thanks all - sorry to hear about Ron. I'll try to get in contact with him soonest.
Thanks again for your help.

Chris Bryant #19358

 :) :)
Hello Folks,

I am happy to say that although Ron has had a bad run of luck in the last year, he is fighting back and sent me last month, all the parts I had ordered last year.

He is living up to his reputation as an honest, decent and helpful man! God Bless him!

Chris Bryant #19358

Jeff Maltby 4194

I've spoken with Ron several times about his 49 disc brake conversion kits. A true old school American, the likes of whom are rapidly becoming a dying breed as we convert the USA to the "New World Disorder".  God speed Ron. I hope they hang the So? whom hit you.

Jeffo 49er chapter calif
Jeffo 49er chapter

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