1953 Eldorado convertible - carburetors used

Started by David Temple, December 27, 2010, 11:29:01 PM

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David Temple

Reportedly, two different carburetors were used for 1953 Eldorados - a Carter WCFB and a Rochester 4GC. Is this true?

Mike Josephic CLC #3877

According to my books, only the Carter WCFB2005S was used in 1953.  The
Rochester 4GC was not used until 1955.

Perhaps some of the "experts" will chime in on this to confirm or correct,

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Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

Source: my MPB from 1960. They started using 4GC's in 1952 & up.
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Quentin Hall Australia

I just checked my cars and both Eldos have Rochester 4gc  carbs. The series 62 conv also has one. All my cars span the 78 000 to 83 000 in the production run. Regards. Q 

David Temple

Brady Como


My 53 Eldo has a Rochester 4GC # 7005100...  i believe the 53 eldo had more hp hence the change to the 5100 carb....

B. Como
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P W Allen CLC# 20193

Both the Rochester 4-GC 7005100 and the Carter WCFB - 2005S were used in 1953. Neither was designated to be used exclusively on Eldorados. There were no engine options in 53 for any model. All used the 210 HP, 331CI engine. Both the Rochester and Carter carbs had slight design changes to match the operating characteristics of the higher compression engine used in 53. So says the Shop Manual in the 53 Supplement section. I believe that on any given day, whatever carburetor was available that day of the build, was put on. It does seem that the Rochester was used more often though.
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