59 Caddy Trailer

Started by Caddy Daddy, February 04, 2013, 06:56:21 PM

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Caddy Daddy

G'day everyone, well on Thursday I pick up my full size fibreglass 59 Cadillac rear end, all ready for me to put it over a trailer and paint it and put real bullet lights into it to turn it into a real cool looking trailer to pull behind my 61 Cadillac as we cruise around Australia. Will put up more photos as time progresses.

Check out my pics of where it lays now even has fake white walls & Tyres that have slipped back a bit to far to the rear, $800 was a bargain.
Milton Watkins

R Schroeder

I would have to say that is the first one I have ever seen. Very nice. Should attack a crowd.

TJ Hopland

Should be cool.   Any idea what it was built to be?   A first I was thinking it was just a solid decoration but seems odd that they bothered to give it a working trunk/boot. 
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Gene Beaird

That Shell gas pump is pretty cool, too!! 

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