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Green Self Starter

Started by Martin Michaels, April 11, 2014, 07:56:59 PM

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Martin Michaels

I am trying to collect the green Self Starters,when was the first edition of the SS and what was the last issue.So far I have '65 thru '69.
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Martin Michaels

I have found a June 1960 SS Still looking for the date on issue #1
Marty  CLC#26833
1947 6269  Cavern Green
1980 CDV D Elegance  White


Not sure exactly what you are looking for.  Vol. II, No. 1 is dated September, 1959.  Vol. III, No. 1 is dated September 1960.  Vol. I, No. 1 is dated August 1, 1958.
Gene Menne
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Doug Houston

Not sure what is meant by a GREEN Self-starter.

If you're trying to find issue number 1, it was known as "The Standard". That name carried for the first few issues; psosibly three issues. Agnes Uhlir was the editor of the SS for several years.

Some time in 1960, Agnes asked me to start a Michigan Region newsletter, and I did, naming it "The Standard", as it remains to be called. Since I have no talent for editing a publication, I was happy to turn it over to someone else, whose name I can't recall.
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Being a fan of the '59s anyone by any chance would know which issue focuses most on the '59s?

Thank you!

Art Director

September 2009 focused on the 50th anniversary. If you don't have that copy, you can order one from Lars Kneller, the back issues custodian. Information is on page 12 of the 2014 CLC Membership Directory.

Tim Coy
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Thank you Tim, I will definitely obtain a copy!  :)