Curious advertising depicting the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

Started by veesixteen, January 20, 2017, 07:25:56 PM

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Thank you, Jean-Michel Roux, for sharing this oddity with collectors (like me) of Cadillac & LaSalle ads.
There is no mistaking the 1957-58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham in the center ... but why the "Stutz" nameplate and the Cyrillic letters numbers on the tag?

Explanations are welcome!
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Quentin Hall

I have that we at home. In think on the back of a 1958 Esquire magazine.
As an aside I finally saw the two Broughams hidden away in the street I work in. What are the odds? One is #545.
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Barry M Wheeler #2189

Yann, since there IS a Stutz (red car?) pictured I would imagine that that is the car being referred to. The Brougham has obviously been altered slightly to the owner's preferences.

Note the "Dagmars" sport the red and green lenses that also compose his sun glasses. Perhaps (?) this car was the one that eventually ended up in Don's junk yard on US 31 (old route) north of Argos, IN. (Somebody did buy this as it wasn't there on my next visit.)

It was sitting in some raspberry bushes and had been totally stripped except for the stainless roof.

This was one strange yard. I heard about it from Doug Houston who told me it held a '48 Cadillac Convertible. I drove up one day and asked to cruise the yard. Don asked "how did you hear about us?" and I told him. He was a large guy and his wife was as big as he was. She was also quite "testy." It's Saturday and war story time.

Don also neglected to pay his taxes and for some time the yard was "posted" by the government but he let us look anyway. One time Harold Mulhaupt and I went up to find some Lincoln parts and came back to the office shed to find a truck with a ratty pickup on a towbar in the drive. Presiding over a group in the office was a natty IN State Trooper fresh from a recruiting poster. Don was frantically trying to find a title (He had two spindles...One for accts payable, one for accts receiveable.)

A kid had found his stolen pickup in the yard and was trying to get it back. (Very hot day.) Finally, the trooper had had enough and said the kid could go with his truck. The tow vehicle made it ten feet until its nose touched the right of way. The annoyed trooper put up his hand and ticketed the kid for not having a towing permit.

Then he looked around the group of us (probably fifteen-twenty guys by now) and said, "If I see any car illegally parked on the right of way in five minutes, they'll get a ticket." (The whole fence along Don's front sported these official signs where IN had purchased right of way in case they wanted to widen the road someday. And of course everyone parked there anyway.)

We all scrambled to move our cars to the gravel access road on the south end of the yard. AND on the way home we drove well under the speed limit. That was one ticked-off trooper.
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Compiler and former keeper of "The Cadillac Database"
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Quote from: Barry M Wheeler #2189 on January 21, 2017, 09:36:05 AM

We may assume the owner was into yachting in a big way. The RH and LH Brougham "dagmars", the colored "shades" and the captain's  boat shoes all appear to have been  designed around a ship's starboard (RH) and port (LH) running lights; I assume he had equivalent lights in the rear?

My minimal knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet suggests the name of a person or place, rather than a regular "Russian" licence tag.

Interesting for sure.
Yann Saunders, CLC #12588
Compiler and former keeper of "The Cadillac Database"
aka "MrCadillac", aka "Veesixteen"


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