47 (62) series caddy wipers

Started by 47 62 caddy, May 08, 2017, 11:18:08 AM

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47 62 caddy

Hello to all.....
can someone please give a diagram of the linkage and vacuum ???
And also how hard is it to pull the Tower for the wipers.. ;D

Steve Passmore

Can't help you with the linkage as there were differences with each year and series but once you have removed the double eyelet spring clip holding the linkages to the motor its just a question of undoing the bolt on the underside of the tower under the dash, many things can be in the way though.

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Bill Ingler #7799

Adding to what Steve has said here are a few items that should help you. Attached is what I have written on the vacuum hose routing. Also attached is a diagram from the master parts book. Although it looks like it is for a 41, it might help you. Attached below are some pictures which I took of my 47 vacuum lines. It gets a little confusing when you have a radio and windshield washers. Make sure before you start running the lines to the wiper motor that YOU KNOW you have good wiper motor. Removing the radio and then laying on your back pulling vacuum line is not my idea of a good time. Please email me at inglerfly@cox.net if you have further questions.      Bill

47 62 caddy

Thank You so much,Bill and Steve