Pray for Us in Florida

Started by StevenTuck, September 09, 2017, 01:15:28 PM

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Hello Members,

A hurricane of unprecedented proportions is heading for our state. Please pray for us all.

Thank you.
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We want our Florida brothers & sisters to be safe first, homes 2nd, cars 3rd.  Hopefully this will be a mostly wind event and covered by homeowners insurance (and car insurance).  2 & 3 are replaceable.  People, not so much.

Looking at the forecast a few days ago, Miami cleared out, now it's headed to the Gulf side.  Got to be frustrating on making a decision on what to do, let alone getting fuel to evacuate, then dealing with the traffic.
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Steven, yes for you, all CLC members and everyone in the path of Irma.
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Yes, and as Chrisntam said lets hope it is more of a wind event of minimal damage that insurance can quickly remedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with our American friends and neighbors. Clay.Lexi


I want to thank all who responded and sent their prays for us in Florida. Now the healing begins.

For me, I suffered but a Palm Tree collapse. That I am thankful.
1962 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
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We were praying all day yesterday for everyone in Irmas path. I have friends in Clearwater and Cocoa Beach. They already got power back in Cocoa Beech and damage was minimal. No power in Clearwater but they safe and haven't ventured out yet.


Apparently 50 hydro trucks leaving here in Canada for Florida today to help with the clean up and turning on the lights. Hope all are safe. Clay/Lexi