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Started by spolij, July 06, 2018, 05:02:18 PM

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I'm redoing the interior of my 66 deville conv. Need a cool design for the seats, they will be  black  leather. I remember one called a diamond tuck and pleat? But i don't remember what it looks like. Any ideas?

Barry M Wheeler #2189

What is wrong with doing it in the original pattern? Unless you are going to keep the car "forever," you will add greatly to the value of your car. True, it is your car and you can do what you wish with it and we wish your well, but unless you really have several thousands of dollars to throw away, that's about what you will be doing if you ever decide to sell the car. And I've never met an old car guy that doesn't eventually find one "better," and "always wanted one of those..." Best of luck whatever you decide.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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Bill Rodwick
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Bill Thanks Interesting designs.
Barry I had the same exact car in the early 70's. It had a factory diamond pattern.
I am interested in keeping it as original as possible. Besides 50 years from now no one will remember what they looked like. lol

Barry M Wheeler #2189

Congats on your redoing your interior. I apologize for thinking you were going to redo the interior a different way than original. But, you kind of gave the impression that you were doing "something else." Further, I think that in fifty years, there is going to be someone that might "care" that it's original. "Imagine. A car that you drove yourself..." Again, best of luck in your project. Try Googling 1966 Cadillac Coupe deVille or Convertible. It is probable that they will show an interior.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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Black leather was available both on the 1966 DeVille Convertible and on the Eldorado. On the DeVille the design was vertical, but of the Eldorado it was horizontal pleats.  The designs are shown in the 1966 Data book -- I could send you an electronic copy if you send me an e-mail with your regular e-mail address. I presume that the 1966 brochure also shows the convertible interiors.

My vote would also be to keep it stock. You may like the Eldorado design, and that would have been available as a Special Order on the DeVille model so arguably it would still be stock if used it on your car.

I don't think there was a diamond pattern in 1966,at least not on the DeVille convertible. But of course you could use the 70s design. Of course it's always your call and personal preference!

Good luck!

John emerson
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Steve Passmore

Look at the red one for sale here. This 64 has a diamond tuck and roll pattern.

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jdemerson I'd appreciate that.

Barry no problem, i do want to keep it original.

Thanks Bill helpful.

Steve nice