Cool CADILLAC dealer sign

Started by cadillac ken, May 29, 2020, 09:43:54 AM

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cadillac ken

Saw this on e-bay.  A little pricey but not really when you consider the size of it.  Pretty cool if you are in the area and can pick it up.  I would consider it by I'm way too far away.


That is cool. Wish I lived closer to pick it up. Clay/Lexi

Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

I'm no sign expert but I'm not sure that this is official corporate issue or fabricated by an independent sign company. 

Genuine official GM promotional materials would hold the greatest appeal to parties interested in such an item.
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Kind of generic, but I'd take it...

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I would put it on the roof of my house and have it blink on and off 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

I would have searchlights scanning and light up the sky like car dealers used to do...

Well, maybe not.
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I'm with Jim, even though this sign may indeed be generic. Clay/Lexi

TonyZappone #2624

Nonsense.  Enough already.  This would have been my 54th consecutive year at Hershey.  The numbers of fatalities based on population are laughable.  This should not have been cancelled.  Pandemic or not, many of us do not have enough years left to miss a Hershey
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The Hershey thing is sad. I know some CLC members who rent parking in an underground at an old folks home for their Cadillacs. Most of the residents don't drive and the underground is usually empty. One of the members just advised that he cannot remove his Cadillac until covid disappears or there is a vaccine. That seems heavy handed. If you make an appointment, you normally enter with a ride and the door opens automatically. You get in your car and drive out. No touching anything. I can see where entering through the building and touching doors and hand rails that the seniors may come into contact would be more of a concern, but that is not what happens. But driving in and out and not touching anything... He pays rent for the space and can't get to his car probably until next year he tells me. That does not seem reasonable, given the circumstances as I understand them. Clay/Lexi


Here's dealer sign for 1962.

1962 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
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