What does this style hood ornament come off of.

Started by K. Diaz, June 21, 2005, 04:33:21 PM

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Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

Correct me if Im wrong, but I do believe the first Cadillac "Calais" models appeared only in 1965.  Indeed they replaced the bottom of the line "Series 62" cars.

Rusty Shepherd CLC 6397

If my dad was representative of those who favored pillared sedans, it was a perception that they were structurally more sound with the addition of the center pillar and metal door frames. The glass in the early versions did have some protection and support provided by the chrome caps on the glass and also from the frame of the vent windows in the front doors. When these items were later abandoned, the lack of structural support for the glass was really evident; with the door open, you have a naked piece of glass (and a very large one on coupes) which can easily be moved back and forth with your hand which is not an indication of solid construction. I think a big part of this is one of perception rather than based on engineering much the same as in the sound of the door closing which can be tuned to make it a satisfying thud rather than tinny and rattly without altering the basic body construction.

JIM CLC # 15000

Randall, I have to assume that you meant "Jim", not "Joe", as there is no joe in that string of post. After thinking about it, it was a 57 that I tried-out, in 58. I think that the "calais" started around 56. As for what my Father liked, He perferred a 1&1/2 ton to a 1/2 ton, as he was a stock trader, horses,cows, that kind of stock.

Randall McGrew CLC # 17963

Sorry Jim...that is really interesting.  What did you think of the 1957?  I have gravitated to benchmark years when I could.  I like the heavy, wide stance of the mid 50s too.  Just a perception, I am not concerned with whether or not it is safer. I just like the feel of the car on the road.

Herold Berthy

The only thing I remember specifically about the
Calais (at least in the 70s) was that you
couldnt order it with a vinyl top.

JIM CLC # 15000

Randall, I answer to most any name, just dont call me late for supper. LOL, I have a 38 La Salle 5 pas coupe that I bought in 67 and used as a daily driver for several years, But would like to have a 58 Cadillac of any body style. I perfer the 58 over any other year.
Good Luck, Jim

Randall McGrew CLC # 17963

Hi Jim!   I have to admit to loving the old sup myself, well I used to until Diabetes spoiled it.  

Id love to know more about your love of the 58 (I also admire the 58....god I love chrome!!!).  Mine has been the 56.  Partially cause that is my birth year, and partially because when I became semi-sentient by 1960, I remember the 56 in Missouri as an aging but honored luxury car, somewhat out of the mainstream and yet still powerful.  Our banker had one.  I called them big fat Cadillacs because to me they were as big as the USS Rotterdam that took us to Europe that year.  And the dagmars ... I didnt know what to call em but they sure made an impression!    Actually the car that I remember first was a neighbors 1952 Studebaker Commander in Chaki green.  That torpedo scoop in the front fascinated me.  Then my Uncles 1950 Buick Roadmaster, in black of course, sealed the deal.  I was a car nut.  :)