Help help. I need Top frame Build Kit 59/60

Started by dale jackson 20895, February 18, 2006, 03:25:51 AM

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dale jackson 20895

  Please Help Me big time.

  My problem Is. My 1959 or 1960 cadillac top frame is rusted and locked up etc. I afraid to send Off get sandbasted and repainted and rebuilt to get brand new top rebuild.

  I Ordored parts from usa parts supply since they sale the 59/60 rebuild kit for 225 dollers. They been On back ordor For about monlth or more. They keep saying call back etc next week. I do but No parts. They Dont know when There supllier will send it to me.

  I have guys on hold who were going build me top frame for car. We cant do anything without parts. Its at stand still. I cant do anything about it.

  I afraid to tear down top frame and replate its parts etc. The reason Is I have drill out and grind out rivets bushing etc. All Those parts are special hardware and Cant be found. Those parts are speacial and cant be bought at your locol hardware store etc.

  I even tryed searching chevy parts guys etc. I was going try buy an 1959 or 1960 chevy Impala top rebuild kit etc. Its like they sold out Or no parts are available etc. I looked at maybe 50 or 100 websites etc trying find that special hardware etc.

  I been trying for 6  or 8 weeks etc to get these parts etc. I am at an totol stand still. I dont know what to do anymore. I cant give up .

  Please help Any ideas????????????????????????????

   Dale jackson

Richard Goulden

Mastermind, does a kit for top repair, with all the special rivots, his stuff is expensive but good.

dale jackson 20895


 Thats what My freind gary told me to do. I know he very expensive On parts. I rember mike at mastermind last year Or 2003. He had waiting list for parts or stuff etc. I asked him Why dont hire an helper etc. He said He I cant train an guy and he quit etc. I dont know man.

 Maybe mastermind Is the an way out. I heard he good but he expensive and has waiting list etc.

 I am so sick Of my 1960 eldo. I cant handle it anymore It seems.

 I love my car but I cant handle the parts suplliers or back ordors . Waiting around On buying junk etc I need since there is shortage Of parts etc . I look each day for parts and I never find them. Or all phones etc trying talk with parts guys etc. Or all my failed ebay auctions on trying sale my parts etc to raise money to fix it.

 Its seems Like big waiting game etc it seems like. I been trying since 2003 to rebuild car. I feel My 3 years were totol waste Of time etc or in vain trying rebuild car.

 If my car say an 1959 or 1960 chevy convertible. I could have it rebuilt totol In 2004 or whatever not In parts In 2006. Those cars you buy all parts cheap and all bolts etc brand In kits etc. But since its an 1960 eldo. You cant buy parts or find them very easy.

  The other thing Thats make me sick are peaple selling those parts I need . Example I bought that peice junk top frame 1500 bucks or whatever In 2003. It rusted up junk etc. I could not never sale It for what paid for my or the parts.

 The reason onley I bought it was It was last One I could ever find etc since there an shortage of parts out there.

 I learned My lesson . I never going buy an another cadillac rebuilder or car thats Need to reseambled Before you can restore it . I want give up since I so sick Of it.

   I am at end my ropes with My 1960 eldo. It taken three years In vain to try build it.


  I spent hours making phone calls for parts In last three years trying get parts etc I need or bid and bid On parts On ebay and lose auctions etc. It strange the snipers win and when go sale my 1959 thru 1964 parts On ebay. I cant sale them. I have 3 building parts all place.

 I have sent hundreds of photes out to try sale my car  etc and all its parts. I even had peaple fly in an see it. I cant sale it . Reason why I want sale Is I want driver car I can restore and drive at same time. I would happy with an 1959 or 1960 copue deville driver car.

  The main I reason think I cant sale it I think is. Its in million pieces and you need an 18 wheeler to move it with all its parts. All my parts etc fill up three building full. Its to big an massive load to fill up 40 foot containoer etc to move it all. I know I moved Once. It took me Two 16 foot trailers and two wreckers etc to move it all.

 I cant help it if person needs giant uhaul to load its parts and trailer for car.

  I cant help it man. The guys I bought it from bought 20 steering wheels or 3 boxes full tailights etc or 20 or 30 fin trim etc try rebuild or restore this 1960 eldo.

 Trust me I been selling parts for 3 years and still have tons of junk all over place man. I even started throwing parts In junk pile to haul to be sold as scrap metal.

 Or trying deal parts I still dont know what they fit etc since they not taged or have part numbers etc.

 I even started trying sale 1959 thru 1964 junk part lots etc to move them.

 I guess the peaple who asked about buying car are just as overwelled as I am about moving it all or trying sale it . It seems I cant list them On ebay etc. Its take an lot time run auctions ship parts with ups etc or failed auctions On ebay.

 I could have sold this car last year but they turned be an deadbeet bidders etc or scams etc On ebay. I so I never could sale it. I think person bid 9100 for car last year but turned out be deadbeet bidder or scam.

 Its seems tryed everything and I about give up big time . All I ever wanted was 1959 or 1960 driver Not this nightmare.

 Dale jackson

  any ideas ??????????????????????????????????????????????? Since I am end of my ropes with it.

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday Dale,

I think it is time you sat down and took a good look at yourself, studied your navel, and took a lot of deep breaths.

Your attempt to "restore" a 60 Eldorado is commendable, but I am afraid that you might not be around to see the completion if you are stressing out so much.

As you have found out, restorations are an expensive proposition, and if you dont have a complete car to begin with, as you seem to have, then it can be horrendously expensive, and time consuming.   Not to mention, lots of disappointments along the way.

I dont know how far you are ahead in your endeavour, but if you are stressing out about the top mechanism, then you definately require professional help and guidance.

The Tassie devil(le),
60 CDV

dale jackson 20895


  I know I been stressed out big time over last few monlths losing used car lot etc I used own. Having deal with lawyers etc to sue My bussiess parnter and losing maybe 50k or more In process .

 After going that etc. I was hoping My old 1960 cadillac would help me Get on feet again where I could make an living again. I was going get an guy to help me and we going work 12  hours to rebuild that old 1960 car back to brand new again.

 But I cant do it without parts or back odoer parts etc. Dont see how those guys on tv build an car In 7 days or 30 or 60 days non stop etc. I know I cant if even Hired an crew and we worked 24 hours day building my car with out parts etc.

 It never money with car to rebuild with me. It has been parts storages etc Or Last monlth I bought 1960 buick convertible for 800 . I going use for parts since the convertible top were the same as the c body cadillac.

 That crooked guy almost stole My money and sold car after he took my 800 bucks from me. I had Call the police in ohio where he lived and even My lawyer wrote him letter and I fedex an demand leter saying we were sue him for whatever. I bought this car On ebay . I was luckey To get my 800 bucks from guy.

  I was drive from texas to ohio to remove the convertible top parts from car etc and Give the car to his freind to haul It off to scrap metal place . It an buick eltra 225 convertible rust free with no engine trans in car.

 What happened he sold it an guy In michian who drove to pick it up and I guess going rebuild or restore it. I was so upset that He took my money and sold it out from under me like that after we made an deal and I paid for it already.

  I need that car for its parts . If like If dont sale My 1960 eldo or get rebuilt I could maybe lose My house since I cant pay the payements etc or house.

 I would have never got in this mess If my busseiess parter did not steal My money and car lot etc from me. I have pay lawyers etc. My 1960 cadillac Is last thing Of value I have In my life Becides my house I owe 40k on it. Things got so bad I had sale my 2002 gmc envoy That was daily driver to pay bills etc.

 I dont even own car or truck I can drive that mine since I had sale them all. All I got to drive is wrecked 1976 cadillac Or an install brand engine In 1987 chevy camaro I have. I had borrow My dads dodge truck Or an freinds car since that 1976 cadillac is to smashed in front to get legral Inspection stickers etc.

 I in an due something Or die problem with cadillac. IF dont get car rebuilt Or fixed or whatever I could lose my house or whatever.

 I even had freind who needs an car bad . I was going give him My 1976 cadillac as payment to help Replace floors and do all bodywork etc to my 60 car. He wants to work with me build my 1960 eldo . But we are stand still since we cant get parts we need. His wife was even going help weld in patch panals etc and help do the work needed to  car.  

 He how bad I am hurting an he was going help me get back On my feet again. My grandmother was going Loan money to rebuild car to get rebuilt and sold.

 For last two Monlths I working Night and day trying buy all parts I need and clean up all my 59 or 64 parts and sale them Om ebay to keep money In paypal to buy more parts etc. I need etc.

 In last week I just bought maybe 400 dollers worth of parts etc and still need more parts. Since I cant find buying cadillac. I been buying chevy , buick, all gm parts etc to rebuild this car. I am learning An lot parts were same like bolts , fasters, Door pull, wiring parts , Convertible winsheild parts etc tons stuff.

 I been buying repro parts since faster than having MY old stuff redone etc.


  I been saving tons money Buying chevy, buick parts olds parts etc Becides the high priced cadillac parts etc I cant find


 Its amazing What I been learning an lot parts were same etc . Strange they dont sale them as cadillac parts. Peaple could make tons  money If they bought those chevy parts and labeled them as cadillac parts. They the same parts Thanks to gm using parts over and over in all there cars etc.

 There are tons bolts or hardware etc that the same in cadillac or chevy. In the chevy world you buy premade up hardware etc to build cars with it. I been trying buy all hardware etc.

Its so cool those hardware bags . They  come with computer drawing explaing where each bolt or screws go etc.

 I know its very expensive to rebuild those cars. Like 80k plus parts to pay an restore shop to restore my car.

 I think I build myself an whole lot cheaper . Since I dont have job etc right secord. I could be working 70 to 80 hours week no stop On my eldo intill rebuilt becides waiting on parts or trying find them.

 An lot changed In since I bought that car in 2003. I wanted rebuild in 2003 as my driver and never sell it etc. I worked In my spare time etc for 3 years selling my extra parts and buying up parts etc with Money from parts sales. I was in no hurry to build it. It was fun in 2003 when First bought that car.

 In 2003 My car was maybe 60percent all there. I got to 90percent all there In my spare time. It was my hobbie etc back then. I may could sold it huge loss at time. But I felt Like it since It was an real 1960 eldo with replated done trim etc , rebuilt chassis and engine etc. I wanted save that car becides selling at loss or parting out it etc.

 I loved it and wanted save that car since I could never sale it since the peaple never wanted since  it was all messed up like totol bare body shell with rolling chassis. Parts missing etc etc. I know it was never worth spending 80k on to restore in those days.  I spent hours and hours reading and reaserching this car out etc with parts etc.

 There an special car and will always be an special car. They were cars very rich movie stars the very rich peaple bought back in 1960 or 1959. They cost over 8500 to 9000 when they new. 1960 chevy cost 2500 and regulaer 1960 cadillac convertible 5500.

 I did it not for money In 2003 thru 2005. I did it since I loved it and It was special car not like todays throw away cars etc or say an old chevy or whatever.

 In 2006 I have build It or sale it for money to keep from losing my house and help me get back On feet etc. I know its lot ask from totol basket case car But Like said I in a due something Or die mode

 Thats why I been so stressed out over that old car. I just Dont know how get parts I need since they not around Or on back ordor etc. I cant do anything without parts.

 Regards dale

Joe Meneghin 22407

Dale, theres an old expression, do what you do well, and pay someone to do what you dont do well.

It sounds like your pretty good at flipping used cars,  stick to that.  Doing a nut and bolt restoration on a classic car is exspensive as hell, regardless of your skill level.  Look at the 1960 series 62 convertible that went for $79k.  They had $80k in restoration exspenses, does that make sense to you?

If you do decide to proceed with the restoration, your going about it the wrong way.  You need to start working on the pieces you do have.  Buying warehouse loads of used parts is not going to put the car back together again.  In my case,  Im going to wind up making two cents an hour on the bodywork on this car.  If I had half a brain, I wouldnt be putting a ton of labour into this car, but thats me.  

Why dont you do this, start off small, so you get a sense of accomplishment.  Get the factory service manual and start rebuilding the generator and starter if you havent already done so.

Bill Burton

Dale, you have my sympathy.  Some general comments and maybe a suggestion or two...  First of all, where do you live?  Do you have someone around you that knows Cadillacs that you can tap into?  Is there a CLC group close to you?  I know this question seems a bit strange with you having a CLC number for membership, but you may not be taking advantage of a very important resource.  Second; As Bruce suggested, you may be at a point where you need to examine what you CAN do as much as what you WANT to do.  They are not necessarily the same thing.  Be very clear about that do decide you next steps.  To have a 60 Cadillac that you have redone and drive yourself is a great thing.  Dont undervalue it.  You are beginning to understand the costs of doing a restoration.  What you are encountering is not at all unusual or strange to anyone who has done this before you.  The most important attribute, ahead of money or time, is patience.  Ive known guys who took seven to ten years to build their cars back.  They drove them with justificable pride.       So, if you decide to continue, realize that it is a long term committment and proceed accordingly.  If you decide to get out, things are a bit less traumatic.  You will need to find a way of disposing of what you have.  In every area of the country there are auctions that are set up to make that happen.  They are blast to go to anyway, and if you have things to sell, even more fun.  Check around to see what is available in your area.  The more specific to your car you can get, the better for getting contacts, but a general car swapmeet is a place to start.  Dont expect to sell everything all at once and dont expect to get what you paid.  If you view it as education and recreation, you wont come out of it with too many scars.  Welcome to the wonderful and frustrating world of car restoration, Cadillac Division.  Bill Burton

dale jackson 20895


 I know  spent seven years doing mechanic and restore work at bowling center. I used rebuild maybe 32 Of same parts over an over . It part Of maintance program. Once an year I pulled all clutchs or eltric motors from machices and or varaois parts from brunswick machices . I take them them part clean up , lube, repaint them , replace wore out bushing bolts, bearing , Frame work that was about break to have welded . Those Machices I worked On were over 35 years old.

 Before that I went school for auto classes and spent time at trade school But I got job working Bowling center Instead and did that becides cars.

 At car My car Lot I had auto mechanic working for me. I paying him 100 dollers per day fix cars and I had comercial acoounts on buying parts. I was wanting to hire an paint and body To work for Me full time where I could make money Buying cars that were wrecked or from Insurce salvage auction with good titles on them etc.

 I Had deal peaple each day I sold cars to On helping repair there cars using my crew Of parts geters , mechanics , drivers etc. I was thinking even about runnings ads In newspaer saying we did auto repair etc for peaple becides selling cars etc. I had supervise all this and buy and sell cars at same time.

 There were times I working 70 to 80 hours doing this. I loved it and it was fun. There were times I bought two or three cars and we took serval cars and built running cars etc out serval cars. Example We took two chevy sub and built One and sold other junk yard when done. I did same with toyoto camery, chevy lumnmai, serval mazda 626 cars , 2002. 2003 envoy I rebuilt from salvage auction. I sold lot cars  to junkyard after we destroyed Or they were not fixing.

 I always working On some cars each day etc. It all started On when I had car traded in with bad engine. I was sale to junk yard 400 bucks since it cost Like 2000 or 3000 to fix it. Then we get call from the ad on guy selling wrecked car with same engine for 260 bucks. I go buy it. I pay my Mechanic like 4 days to swap engines. I get an car that worth 3000 for 400 bucks after I pay the mechanic . We install the junk engine in wrecked car and I call pick a part to buy for 330 bucks. I get free engine for nothing. I sale that car 3000 dollers 5 days laters. So after that I would take trade in with bad engines Or buy two three cars Of same thing and build running cars out of them.

 At same I doing planing frame off or frame swap Out On 1957 chevy I bought to restore and resale. But it stolen Before swaped the frame out etc and repainted the car. My crew was going swap frame Out since frame was rusted out etc in rear.

 I wanted to hire an body and guy where I could go auction and buy new wrecks to be rebuilt. I have freind who does that it car lot. He buys 2 or 3 wrecks and builds serval cars using his crew of guys. There very good. The will swap out chassis or frame etc if they no good or bent out shape. Fix air bags etc.

  I know I already have wharehouse 1959 thru 1964 cadillac parts. I need parts etc to fix it. I been buying repro parts and new parts etc not used parts etc To fix my car. I cant do it without new parts etc.

 The Main Problem I need cash maybe 50000 to reopen up my car lot again where I go back work etc . I was thinking My car could help make an living again. I fix it with out parts etc.

  I know your saying thats expensive to restore Or rebuild cars. I learned years ago how to handle money and do stuff under budget etc and still be able turn an profit etc. In used car bussiess . The trick is an restore shop or auto mechanic will charge 35 to 80 dollers an hours to restore or your car.

   a. You dont you that. You hire an guy at 100 bucks per day at 12.5 per hour to work for you. At price restore shops charge I could hire 5 guys to work at that price. 5 guys could do lots work to an car In 1 hours becides 1 hour at restore shop.

  b. Thats how My freind does it rebuilding totol loss cars Or trucks that were declared an loss at insurece company . They totoled since the auto shops or body shop want charge 50 to 80 per hour to fix them.

 I have guys who want want rebuild My 1960 and work for me to help me rebuild my car. My old mechanic who lost Job will restore My car 100 bucks an day and I have Another guy who wantes to trade work On car for an running driving car he can drive back and forth to work as payment for body repair On my car.

 Like I said My problem Is I need rebuild kits and repro parts to build it. I keep buying the parts to get ready to work. I  spent 400 on parts this week . I going buy 700 more dollers worth repro parts etc to get ready to build her .

 Have fun . I hope I can find top frame rebuild kit to rebuild an top frame for car. Dale

dale jackson 20895


 I never thought about the auction or swap meets etc. To try dispose Of 3 building full of parts etc. I was trying sale parts on ebay and sale each part etc an person would not use or need on that old 1960 car.

 That very hard and time comsuming and dealing with ups store to pay them it and ship. I got complaints from peaple since the ups store charges so high shiping prices. Example they charge me 7 bucks to box an spare tire cover I sold for for 20 bucks and shipped it autralia or germany. I dont have boxes and packing material etc or Have any idea where that stuff since It least 30 minute drive to the ups store or 45 minute drive an wal mart etc. I live very rural south texas. With gas prices very  high I have maybe make One or two trip an monlth etc to those places.

 I wish I lived In houston texas Or an biger town becides this . I 2003 i had wrecker service twice to move my cadillac 350 dollers to move from houston to here. I dont have trailer or even decent car or truck drive anymore since I had sale it to pay bills etc since My car lot in houston was stolen etc from my partenter.

 Without cars or trailers I cant move it anywhere to try sale it swap meets etc. Those wrecker service would charge me maybe 400 dollers to take houston somewhere. Example I wanted buy another 1976 cadillac for parts In town 60 miles away. I called they wanted 250 or 275 to move it to house. After that would have 800 bucks In car with an bad engine , no gas tank etc . I thought about buying to rebuild my 1976 cadillac thats needs front  clip , frame pull etc to drive it.  I felt 800 was way to much for just an front clip and little parts etc.

  I used buy running cars at dealer auction for 800 or less all time or whatever. I houston My wrecker company charged 50 to 65 an tow in houston to pickup I bought etc down there to bring to my used car lot etc.

  I have 1960 cadillac, 1976 cadillac in locol paper where I live.  I have had one person come see it after I priced at it 600 for running and driving car that needs an front clip. I cant sale since they dont want with gas prices at 2.35 per galloen. I have not gotten an single call on my 1960 car in south texas.

 The guy who wanted My 1976 cadillac was maybe 20 years old and buying first car gets maybe 600 to 800 per monlth from us goverment.  He drove that car and it ran good etc. But it was two big for him and wanted by an little mazda or small gas saver car. In houston or anywhere you cant find an running and driving 600 that will pass smog test or emsions etc . With income tax season going cars are high at auction.

 Its sad but gas prices peaple are wanting buy small cars etc becides the boats etc . I dont like driving that 1976 cadillac. It not worth it with gas prices etc.

 Trust me I am pro at selling cars those 1976 and 1960 cadillac I  cant sale them. Last I bought and sold maybe 100 cars. It took me 2 years to sale my 1962 cadillac eldo convertible rebuilder or project car.

  With cost Of restore going higher etc. Peaple dont want those cadillac as rebuilders or projects . They onley want buy them turn key and ready go.

 I need dump my  cadillac where I can sale house etc move someplace where I can make living buying  and cars etc. All my money tied up those cars I cant sale etc.

  If lived in houston or whatever I could make living becides what I going thru.

 The thing On parts to my cadillac. I dont understand why these parts puts ads in there stuff saying sale an parts and or whatever. You buy them and make you wait or pput them backordoer etc. /Its like with classic car part guys I learned.

  In my line of work in fixing cars. I used buying parts that hour or whatever and geting them in reasable amount of time not 6 or 8 weeks Or they saying there On backordor or whatever. I could done rebuilt that top frame etc becides waiting for parts already.

 Its like I have guys waiting On me get parts etc to help me. I have guys who want to work But we cant do it without the specailized top frame hardware etc. Its sad I called maybe 50 parts guys on phone on parts. Its seems they were lots suplliers selling I needed but I would have wait In they call there supllier to buy them.

 Have fun dale

Bill Burton

You know, you might think about an auction where you are!  If you have that much stuff,call a professional auctioneer and have them look at it.  Ive done that three times and each time they put together sales that netted me more by far than I would have made by swap meets and the like. One was clearing a farm where the family had lived there for nearly fifteen years, and the husband was a fish and game warden.  That was a two day event to sell off a barn full of confiscated stuff and a large household of furniture, farm and yard tools, etc.  We took in nearly $20,000.  The other was our house after nearly fifteen years with nearly all my tools from two businesses.  That was a one day sale and made $11,000. The other was a two day one in which we sold off my Dads stuff after he died,  The house, garage, guest house and yard had literally layered tools parts and equipment from nearly 60 years of two businesses, a farm, car parts and a bicycle shop.  Netted nearly $10,000.  There are some up front costs, but most of what is spent comes out of the proceeds, and the commission is a percentage.  The auctioneer typically does a lot of the setup or may do all of it.  Ask around for a reputable one and you might be surprised at how smooth it can go and how much you can make.  The ones we did all were done in one weekend, two of them in only one day each.  It moves very fast and is something to watch happen.  Two things to keep in mind. First, when you sign the auction contract, you no longer own the stuff, so dont put something in that you want to keep.  You will have to buy it back out at the auction rate.  Second, when you sign the contract, you no longer can be concerned with how much the item is "worth."  If you do it right, you will find some things will bring more than you expected, and other things less.  Dont spend any time at all worrying about the price - read that what you think it should be worth - of any item in the auction, remember,you dont own it anymore.  Watch, keep your mouth shut, watch the dollars mount up, and walk away in a day or two with an empty room or rooms. and some money in your pocket.  You should get a written report and inventory of every item sold, who bought it, how much it was and who picked it up.  In our case the settling up was done immediately after the conclusion of the auction and all items were gone within 24 hours, with all costs settled before the auctioneer staff left that evening.  Advertising, security, bathrooms, all can be done through the auctioneer and they know how to go about it.  Also, one thing I learned is to have something to eat for lunch and snacks on site.  That way, the people who come dont leave and then fail to return.  Keep em there and dont worry about making money on hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, cokes, and stuff like that.  You probably will, but that isnt the point.  Explore the idea, people will come from towns all around to an auction that is well publicized.  Also, you split up the work of doing it.  Good luck.



You are obviously in over your head.  I did see when you listed your car on Ebay for sale previously a couple times.  The car is obviously desirable and restorable but too much for you right now.  I dont think that it will ever bring you the happiness that you are looking for - only more pain, misery and despair.  

I think part of your problem with selling it on Ebay was presentation - how the ad looked and read.  The photos did not show the car to its best condition and also the wording could have been cleaned up a bit.

If you decide to try to sell your Eldo again take some time to photograph it to show it in the best condition possible.  I remember that you had a pipe laying across the fenders for some reason, there was some garbage and debris showing in the photos, etc.  You need to pull it out of your garage and get some good pics showing it all the way around.  Lay out the parts that you have on some clean conrete or somewhere that that can clearly be seen. Sort out your parts so that the car can be as complete as possible or decide if you are going to sell all the extra parts with the car.  Organize what you are selling and make it easier for the buyer.  Plus the better it looks the higher price you can get and the better buyer - not someone trying to scam you.  

Have someone help you to carefully describe the car; what options does it have (spell them out), what parts are missing and what rare parts are included, are any specific parts in very good or restored condition and are any specific parts damaged.  

Make sure that the lighting is good when you take the pictures.  Specify how much deposit needs to be paid after the auction ends, how to pay you, when the balance is due, how quickly the car needs to be picked up, if you will help arrange shipping, etc.  

Dale - take the money and run!  Sell the car and then auction off whatever else is laying around.  Clean up your house, your yard, your life.  It just sounds like too many people have treated you badly and you have encountered some bad situations.  I feel badly for you and hope that you can overcome this time in your life.  

But I dont think that continuing to try to restore this car is going to be the cure.  It was I think about a year ago that many members of this forum tried to give you advice.  Please think about what they told you - many people have been in a bad place and overcame it to move on with their lives.  I hope that you will sit down and think this over.  There is too much more in life than being miserable with a car.  Move on and let it go.  

It sounds like you have some good experience with used cars.  Once you sell your Eldo go out and get something that is not so much of a nuts and bolts project.  Something that you can get done in a reasonable amount of time and that parts are better available.  I think that you will be much happier with this car out of your life.


Bill Gauch

I have been hesitant to reply to this thread, because it draws such painful sympathy. I am inclined to say that, no matter what, dont put any more money into this car. If you are at risk of losing your house, take care of business first and foremost. Even if you have to go get a "regular" job, heck, even working at McDonalds would put you back in the positive direction of cash flow. Saving your house seems like the most important thing right now, because, if you lose your house, a half-finished car wont even provide you with a place to live. I would just close your garage doors and leave the car until later, when you have your life in order. Expensive hobbies are just that: Fun, non-essential, time consumers which cost far more money than they could ever be worth in return on investment. I would attempt to follow the advice of others in this thread and sell/auction off any/all you spare parts. If it doesnt belong to your car, sell it. Even if you cant get an auctioneer to arrange an on site auction, there are many eBay sellers that photo, write up, manage the auction, ship the item and take a cut off the top. The only time required for you would be the time to browse the web to find one. Alternately, you could also contact one of the used parts dealers and see if they would be interested in making you an offer for everything in one lot. They may not give you the best rate, per part, but they would be more likely to take whole lots.  Anyway, good luck and no matter what, try to keep your spirits high. Money comes and goes. You can always pick up the pieces and start over or fight your way back up. One thing seems sure to me, though... Your car is a sinking ship right now, and, contrary to the saying, the captain doesnt really have to go down with the ship.

dale jackson 20895

 In 2004 I had 50k In bank. I was not thinking much about selling that car since it was in my secure building. I would would work  on 60 car In my spare time as I had time and sold my extra parts On ebay I nevered needed and used the money from part sales to buy missing parts Or just what I needed. It was hoddy before started my car lot in houston.

  In 2005 I got busy working and car and my extra parts sat untouched for monnlths since I was working 80 hours an week. On sunday the day I took Off from my car lot. I just stayed in my room  and whatched tv or played On my computer etc. I did even want list parts or even work On that old car. You would do same if spent 80 hours an week buying and selling cars , dealing with mechanics buyers, sellers, auctions etc . That was last thing I wanted do was work On another old car etc.

  Strange market for cadillac parts. In 2004 was geting tons email from peaple wanting parts etc. But in 2006 since listed lots stuff on ebay . Back in 2004 I could sale my extra for decent prices and sold lots stuff and shiped parts world wide. But in 2006 I listed lots stuff On ebay Like used but the parts are going nothing almost and no emails like I used get.

 Lots parts that used sale for 200 to 300 each are selling less 100 bucks or 50 bucks or whatever. Its the parts On ebay and looking at completed sales. They gone down lot compared what Used sell them for.

 Example last monlth I listed 12 items On ebay . I sold onley 7 items for 175 bucks and they went all overseas. Strange Not an single american buying stuff. All my parts went to cheap compared they maybe worth 300 or 400 after looking at completed sales On ebay. My center peice In that auction did even sale or anything. It was rebuilt complete Under hood ac system for 62 cadillac. I listed it for 100 start bidding. It never went even higher. It had buy know for 500. I trying sale cheap to get rid off since most guys charge 225 for rebuilt evap box, I had two In auction aslong with fan shroud , comprsor, brackets, Lines , condser etc.  All the parts but not the corret fan blade , water pump or blower box etc. It weighed at 114 pounds totol and after packing It weighs 120 pounds. In ordoer to send usa post office I need to pack in to two boxes.

 I had peaple complain my shipping was to expensive etc. Example I listed an set of emblems to an 1960 door panels. I charged I think 8.95 for shiping. An guy complained I charged to much for shipping. He said he would bid On parts. I charged what most peaple charge in ebay stores etc charge. I bought an set door handles and they charged me 9 for shipping. I charged the same like charged me.

 Reason I charged that shiping prices It that cost Maybe 1.99 for box at ups store etc and they charge to pack it and ship etc .  I sold an spare tire cover and ups store  charged 7 bucks for box to pack not including shipping.

  I dont have clue On some parts I listed. Example I went bought 15 bucks worth paint. I took the time an repainted serval spare tires cover with paint. I listed an fresh repainted spare tire cover. It sold for 19.95.  I started bidding at that price. In completed sales They paid 49 and 51 bucks for serval Of them rusted and no new paint etc like my had. I listed my an restored or repainted etc. I got bids etc. I say it 19.95 to ship it since cost 7 bucks per box etc. I sold overeas and he paid 35 doller to ship it with the 7 box fee. 42 dollers to to europe.

 I dont know why peaple are bidding on my stuff and say my shipping is expensive. I charge the same as peaple like harmons or other dealers etc . They  know dont it cost money to buy an boxs since I dont have boxes or packing materil.

 I do  have one 1 negrative feedback from guy. I sold an car lot car using my ebay  name. I never drove etc since My worker was driving it. He never told me it had broken fog lights or window leaked air or cd player was not working. I listed car On ebay and sold it 5000 and he flew down and bought it. At car lot he was mad upset over car. I knocked 300 off price Of car and let him have for 4700 not 5000 where he good fix broken parts. He started get mad and I thought it fine. He lefht me negrative feedback after I knocked 300 bucks off the ebay auction.  I let him have an car with book value of over 9000 for 4700 bucks and he still not happy. I dont know I even spent 100 bucks for new tire for his car where he drive 2000 miles home. I took Off work and picked him at airport etc. I tyred to make him happy But I still got negative feddback etc.

 I dont if that negrative feddback etc has messed up cadillac parts sale. I have rating Of about 34 or 35 totol postive feddbacks.

  On selling that 60 car. It may be photes of etc but there are so many boxes and parts ets to take all photes etc. I need figure out how get 3 building full of good photes etc. I did clean up the that 1960 and the building etc to get beter photes etc I moved that pipe looking from front clip etc to another building. That box was full Of the eldo skiny trim with rockers J molding etc.

 I did clean up that building etc and moved at trim top boot etc to easy damaged from there. It may idea to get another person write up ad and shoot the photes for intire collection Of 2 cars and all its parts For big package deal for an person.

 My collection would good collection for person sale parts On ebay keep using the money the money restore that 1960 car In there spare time like I did.

 I saved an supper rare eldo was from being parted out or used to cloan an car etc. My car was missing so many parts In beginning. I got them all for minus some little things an person could remove from old 4 door sedan.  I know I looked and looked for parts such as the correct reveal molding, eldo door panels parts, convertible top frame parts , bumpers little etc that were missing or damaged .

 I was luckey to have found all those parts thats makes It eldo convertible. I have parts needed but the air cleaner for tripower to complete it. I did from part sales etc or trades with other collectors etc for parts.

 That chore it self to get all rare parts etc I needed for that old car. Without the eldo parts an person could never rebuilt it again.  It would have been an incorect car or custom car etc or just an plain jain convertible etc. Or worse an parts car to build another car or cloan an car.

 I have saved an very histoic reltic from the past where can person could enjoy it or build again back to its formoer glory. In 2003 It could never been rebuilt since those were missing etc. I never could done without ebay Or cadillac forum On selling parts and buying the correct parts.

 I did the imposibble buying geting all correct parts its needed. That amazing but I did it. Never again I going try rebuild super rare thats missing lots of key parts etc to make an  rare car.  I see why they pay 50000 to 85000 for those ready go. Its take so much to build one from parts Like my car. Hours up hours trying locate those key pieces I had wait etc for ever it seemed.

   I saved for next guy or builder and future genernations etc to enjoy this car.


Bruce Reynolds # 18992


You have found it the same as me.

Whenever one wants to sell, nobody wants to buy, and when one wants to buy, everybody else wants to buy, so the price goes up.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Bill Burton

The times are changing in cars and parts.  You are seeing it first hand, appparently.  People are becoming more accustomed to buying a turnkey car rather than one that will need reworking or even restoration.  The folks who are interested in those have work areas, already have lots of parts through a variety of sources, or buy new reproduction or out of parts places.  They make their living off those who want to buy the cars ready to drive or will pay for the restoration.  The TV programs showing a custom auto shop building a car from a shell to a working on the street vehicle is driving this whole thing now.  The other problem is that while you have a lot of parts from cars, many or the sources are going away.  A junk yard is now a disassembly facility and the vehicles are on 90 day turnover with parts being stripped out and put into a constantly changing inventory.  If you are wanting to get out of the business or change direction, you will have to make some hard decisions about what to keep and what to let go.  An on-site auction, that I mentioned before, seems to me to be still reasonable, but there are other alternatives you can explore as well.  Perhaps you could sell off some portion of your operation as a working business through a business broker?  Or a sign putting it up for sale?  Anyway, best wishes and remember you are doing what I believe you have enjoyed doing in the past.  I hope you can recapture that.  Best wishes, Bill Burton

dale jackson 20895


  Its seems right On money with old cars. It seems you cant sale them unless they ready to go or turn key. Very peaple want to rebuild Or work on those things anymore. An lot buyers already have own or there dream car or old cars. I cant blame them since restore shop wants 80000 plus parts rebuild an 59 or 60 convertible . It cheaper just buy car ready to go.I could buy an 60 eldo for 50000 to 85000 in hemming or autotrader ebay etc.

 In junkyards In houston texas they hold them for certain amount of time then crush them or whatever. They do that for next batch of cars since they keep filling up there yards over and over again with stuff . They need the money from scrap metal etc to stay open. With land and overhead expensive they to need keep cash rolling in etc.

  I Have tons shop space etc at my house where I live and all my parts etc. But it seems these days you Need trailers, forklifht etc to . Example pull frame  from car and have it powdor coated at the other guys shop.  The Epa in next few years will quit selling paint for cars etc unless your linesed bodyshop etc or have permits to buy paint.

 For some reason Its seems the onley peaple buying those vintage 59 thru 1964 cadillac parts are peaple from overseas not in amercian buying stuff. It makes me think if anybody in usa anymore are restoring those vintage cadillacs. I guess new trend in europe etc.

 I was thinking about having 4 1959 cadillac speedmeters recromed or replated to sale on ebay. I rebuilt serval units and was going sale them brand new rebuilt units withh miles reset at 0000000. I afraid to If cant sale them since it cost 125 each to have replated. I could maybe buy Tons repro parts from fargo or goodmark or the wholesale guys. I afraid I would get stuck them and not be able sale them etc.

 There are some strange stuff going on in cadillac world . Like I said parts are like going for pennys on dollers compared what used go for.

  Its like I need check if parts I have will fit say an 1959 or 1960 chevy since there buying chevy parts etc . I could list them as both like that winsheild trim etc , regultors as chevy or cadillac, buick, other gm cars to move them out.

 I am learning lots peaple buying chevy parts and ford parts. I learned this by an mistake. I bought an large lot ford nos stock parts that set had 1960 eldo door panels in lot. I listed some circuit boards that went  to an mustang or shelby. They went nuts and bought them for like 65 bucks. I saw I had 10 peaple whatching that auction compared to less than 3 or 2 on cadillac parts etc.

 I never would known those ford baords were worth that much etc or had much demand for them. I still need move out rest ford parts aslong with cadillac parts.

  In usa the 61 thru 64 cadillac is dead Its seems. I seen its not just me. I seen guys on ebay just keep relisting there 61 thru 64 parts On ebay and never sell etc. I was thinking about going thru all my parts etc and trying list them In 61 62 , 63 64 parts lots etc to move them. I dont know But those parts are hard to sale or do anything with them.

 Ebay stores are full 61 thru 64 parts I seen there monlths etc and not moving. There nice parts but they cant move them.

 I hate toss out 62 eldo trim or 63 fleetwood or 63 eldo trim etc to trash.  Years ago that stuff very expensive like gold etc. Some of been listed more than once on ebay. I dont know But that trim is nice stuff man.

 I hope can make deal with an person buying all 59 thru 64 stuff an person would never use rebuild that 1960 car. It would nice trade In on brand new repro parts etc That 1960 eldo needs where can person can build it. Maybe some cadillac supllier could just add to there invorty and let sit intill sales etc. Who knows.

 I know guys who I traded with who saved and built big collection Of parts over years . They are trying sale there super rare 1959 eldo trim etc and it dont sale either. Ther another dealer I know with tons 59 thru 60 cadillacs. He cant sale his still get money back etc . Its his projects cars etc.

  If peaple In market for parts or wanting restore an old vintage cadillac In there spare time etc. Its good time for peaple stock up on parts they need for cars since prices are very low right secord.

  I  have stuff to think about in next few days on solve this problem.

 Its not like 1991 or 1989 when those cars parts were like gold in usa. In 2006 its buyers market not sellers market. In those old days those cars were out sight on prices etc.

  I dont know what happened why it changed. I guess it cost restoreation these days or the peaple are wanting the mussle cars Like I been seeing bring world record prices barret jackson auto auction.

 That may good plan to see If trade my 59 thru 64 parts for parts an person needs to finish that 60 eldo Or try sale intire 3 building full In one huge auction etc. I guess I have lot to think about week or two.

 I know I going regret selling  the 60 dream car but Sometimes you got do to stuff that hurts but its life. I cant keep them all and maybe someday I can get back on feet after I get good job etc and buy an 1959 or 1960 cadillac driver to drive and enjoy .


Bruce Reynolds # 18992


The trouble these days is that a lot of people are too busy to mess around with rebuilding a car from the ground up.   They dont have the workshop space, and the knowlegde to do it themselves.

And, the people that want cars, want a complete car so they can drive it around immediately, as they see their own life as being too short to waste on building.

Also, the people with money, want to keep on making money, and most of them cant be bothered with old cars, unless they know they can make money on it in a short time.

With the condition yours is in, it would have been snapped up if it was a 59, as people really only look for 59s as they follow the hype.

As you have found out, your car is a really total restoration of everything, and then some, and it takes a dedicated tradesman or special handyman to do it.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

dale jackson 20895


  I know peaple love those 1959 eldo convertible. I never seen found one for sale like mine before. I been looking once day for 59 or 60 eldo stuff or parts On ebay. I know wish My car was an 59 eldo convertible.  Its seems all 59 cadillac were or have been restored already. I guess restore rebuilder In the 59 are not around any more. If my car was 59 Like it was I may could sold for 15000 to 25000 an long time ago no problem . In 2003 I thought all those eldo were hot cars like the 59 was. Peaple will buy over 100k all day long for an 59.

  But that 60 car I guess is diffant ball game compared to those 59 cadillacs. It took me over two years sale my 62 eldo factory bucket car. I had ads numous times aslong with 60 eldo.

 My 60 car when on ebay had over 6000 peaple look at it at one auction I had going. It helped me sale parts since that 60 was drawing in parts sales etc at same time.

 It was on leader board on buzztrader the ad site for free ads. I listed there and still in ads. It was always On front page as the car peaple always looked at. I even sent emails and photes Of car all over world and a guy come fly and rent an car to come to inspect In person. He said it would take 50 years to fix it. He owned an bodyshop. It was leader on that website for monlths it seemed. I never did know My car that famous etc and been over exposed to buyers all over the world. I was thinking the over exposed adds may have killed it since car looked bad In million parts etc.

 All I know it must bad since thousands Of peaple have seen already who wanted look at in ads etc. Since 2003 I have sent photes to maybe 50 peaple or more ???? I cant rember I forgot.

 I learned those cars must hot items etc But never like an 1959 cadillac eldo convertible.

  Your right an lot peaple these days dont want build car like mine since it very hard and you need lot skills etc. I had learn lot in time I had that old car. What Have I learned.

  1.  I had learn how figure what parts were from looking at photos of cars On ebay or books. I never knew what I had and still have parts I dont know what are or fit etc. Thats hard to do there.
 2. I had learn thanks to you how type or spell beter On my computer etc. I write beter than I did In 2003.
3. I learned how buy and sell parts On ebay etc. I never did before.
4. I had learn how use my camara etc. I never did that before.
5. I learned so much about 59 or 60 cadillac and helped that the cadillac club on tech stuff . Where that marv dealer not could sale his fake motarama car. He tryed an failed thanks yann saunders and us at cadillac club.
6. I learned how spot an fake car Or tell if car is worth buying or not . If worth fixing or whatever.
7. I learned so much  about the restore bussiess that will make head spin .
8. I learned never trust the seller Of any car out there anymore. To many con guys are there today. I am learning how tell if seller is real Or con guy.

  Maybe that 1960 and 1962 eldo was not total waste Of my time since I learned so much Its not even funny. I guess I was good learning tool but Was it worth I dont Know ?????I am still learning each day from that old car.

  Like last Night I was working on that 1960 last night since I cant sleep. I dumped an big bucket full clips and bolts etc. I been looking at my cadillac master parts book etc. I am trying label and tag all clips bolts etc.

 Since I cant sale in parts. I am trying figure out to restall the front clip hood etc . So far good. I found all correct hood bolts and the special bolt etc to remount core supoort to frame. I was thinking If could find right inner fender and ac box etc and maybe repaint inside of front clip and rebolt to chassis etc I am missing 1 inner fender and the ac box an person has remove front  clip to replace it.

 I was thinking an person would maybe want car if bolted back togthor and not in parts spread out over place like it is. I learned I buy new bolts for 30 bucks for car etc. Thats an chore itself to remount the nose front clip on car. and try restall correct bolts in its place.

 The main problem I going to have trying figure the correct bolts that mount front feders to firewall side wall and try use correct body shims since I dont know and book dont show them . My master book dont show it. Thats another day . I hope I can do it get front clip bolted back On frame . The doors will be easy aslong decklid and rear bumper. But that front clip is hard to do.

 I was thinking car could  transported an lot beter for peaple becides in parts etc. In shape its in. You need an u haul box truck and trailer to haul etc.

 I cant remount the front bumper since they broke off the front bumper mount that mounts On frame. It needes welded and its bent bad. Since they took parts from another car. I was thinking that car could been wrecked years ago. That maybe why I dont have front clip that came On car when new. I hope I can find that frame part with innner fender ac box where I can remount etc where dont ever have remove again from car.

  The  last time I had repair or change front clip was 2000 in my 1993 chevy truck that wrecked. I  had use special body jacks or rams etc to get it bolt up or alighn up etc. It took me over week on that job. Lots bent parts I could not replace I never did get prefect etc.

 Thanks dale

Bruce Reynolds # 18992


It is good to see that these cars have been an educational tool, but sad to see that it has also been an expensive tool as well.

Your idea of simply putting it all back together is a leap ahead, as there are very few people with the knowledge to buy a heap of parts and build a car, or anything for that matter.

Once it is in one piece, no matter how bad it looks, and most everything is there in place, then it will be a better saleable proposition.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

dale jackson 20895


 I was thinking If car was bolted up etc It could moved easy and stuff. An lot beter for transport. I not going install the eldo trim etc On sides Of car. I dont see point that since they need repaint car etc for that.

 I am hoping I can find ac box and new bolts , the missing inner fender etc hood hidge shims etc. the correct body shims etc.

 My firewall was repainted and chassis painted already. If do good job etc. The guys will never have to remove front clip to restore it.

 All would have do then finish paint and bodywork , recrome bumpers, install glass, inteier, rewire car, get engine running and install trans get brakes working, gas tank etc reundercoat the bottem of car. Restall outside trim etc.

 Maybe bodyshop would buy and finish the paint work etc and finish that car.It be ok builder for an person.  

 Becides an car In parts like it is . It look decent with new rebuilt front clip , front axles rebuilt repainted firewall and the stuff fresh looking restored. They already rebuilt front axles already and painted the firewall.

 It hard job for them rewire the car and restall dash windows etc and get you running and driving.

 I was even  thinking the peaple dont have pull body from frame of car etc to build it. I would not sure . Its to much trouble etc and risk twisting the shell etc.

 Have fun dale