Wrecking yards Las Vegas

Started by Brad Hemingson, July 31, 2006, 01:27:50 PM

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Brad Hemingson

I get to Vegas a few times a year. Are there any yards with mid 60s caddies in the general area? I dont mind renting a car for an afternoon if the drive is max 90 minutes from the strip. A change of pace from nursing a hangover by the pool on Saturday morning.

Cliff Graubard-1430

There used to be. Most are all gone now. I had been picking them clean for the last 4 years. Must have pulled over 50 cars out of there over the last 3 years.
Are you looking for cars to buy or just parts?

brad Hemingson

Just looking for parts. Small bright work that will fit in my luggage. Unless I find something great in which case Id ship.

Chris McBride

Have no knowledge of the yard situation in las vegas but heres nother possiblity to consider: Phoenix is a one hour flight from Vegas and flights to/from Vegas leave constantly.

Phoenix is now the countrys 5th largest metropolitan area, has lots of yards with several specializing in old cars/Cadillacs. Arizona cars generally feature rust free metal (and sun-baked/destroyed interiors)

Fly in, rent car, visit yards ... buy trinkets, return car, fly back.  

You could probably spend more in several nanoseconds at a blackjack table.