Mpg on 58 Coupe de Ville?

Started by James Hall, November 09, 2006, 11:48:19 AM

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James Hall

I have just got a decent job, so am now able to put some money aside for buying a Cadillac.

Im interested in a 58 Coupe de Ville, or something from the early 60s, either a Coupe de Ville or a Sedan de Ville.

The thing is, how many miles per gallon might one of these vehicles do? I live in the UK, and petrol here costs about £4.50 a gallon at the moment, or about $9.00 I think.

I also read something disturbing in a UK American Car magazine recently, to the effect that prices for Classic Cars in the US were rising steeply. Is this the case? Given that it will take me a year or two at the moment to save about half the money for the kind of Cadillac I would want, I hope they dont spiral in the meantime.

I need some extra money to put aside to build or rent somewhere to store a Cadillac too, the garages here are all far too small...

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

Gday James,

I am afraid that if you have to concern yourself with fuel consumption of any car, then that car isnt right for you.

Sorry to be so blunt, but a Cadillac of that vintage, well, most older Cadillacs for that matter, will bring from 5 mpg to 18 mpg, depending on how it is driven, and state of tune.

But, for a 58, dont expect much better that 18mpg on a highway cruise.   Around town, maybe down to between 8 and 10 mpg.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV (9 to 17 mpg)

Randall A. McGrew CLC # 17693

I would have to agree.  My 1956 sedan gets 12 mpg in town and 16 mpg on the highway,  It doesnt really matter for me since I do not drive all that much. I have been running on a couple gallons on the last week or two.  

Depending on your needs and wants, a 1958 Coupe would make a lovely weekender or show only car.  The occasional outter with family and friends.  We have many European members with these beheamoths on those small roads.  Good luck and I hope you go for the gusto.


where i live it costs USD 4.16 per gallon (regular), mileage of my 47 caddy is about 1/3 of a regular small car but i drive it about 5 times less distance than i would using a regular car, and it is about 20 times more fun per km/miles than a regular small car so you can do the maths....

In addition, the cheapest way to enjoy such classic is to park it at the right spot, turn off the engine and wait for people to walk-by...cannot beat the Smiles per Gallon factor then


john fotakis

Hi James.  Couldnt agree more with the previous comments.Ive only had my car a short while but i can tell you that the sooner you start thinking of the grin factor per gallon the  sooner youll stop worrying about the miles per gallon.  When I first got my car- a 1961 sdv- I bet a mate that i could get 300km with a full tank-[186 miles ]. I lost and he is still drinking my beer.  But have I and the family had a fantastic time? You bet.I guess the bottom line is, old cars are expensive, new cars are expensive, wives are expensive, kids are expensive, lifes expensive. Maybe you should hope that many, many years from now, your stone will read. Old man James, poor bastard, great life!!-   [ and bloody great cadillac ]


I had an idea that the mpg might be something like that, just I didnt know anyone with a Cadillac to ask for more info.

It does not really bother me, and, since I got interested in cars again last year I have been more or less dedicated to buying a Cadillac as soon as possible.

For quite a few years, while I was at university, I was slightly environmentalist and against car ownership, and couldnt afford one either. I think I had forgotten my fascination with American Cars when I was younger, but I suddenly realised I might be able to actually own one, how great they look, and if you are going to drive, it might as well be the best...(some of my family disagree strongly on that point, they like Alpha Romeo and Porsche, but tastes differ.)

There is a Springsteen song called Cadillac Ranch which I like; the lyrics are something like: (I cant make out the first few words)...fins, whitewalls and skirts, rides just like my little girl, heaven here on earth, Buddy when I die throw my body in the back, ride me to the junk yard in my Cadillac.It always makes me smile.

Can anyone recommend any good/useful books on Cadillacs? I have a few titles ordered, but has personal favourites or titles they think would help me widen my knowldge, I would love to hear.  

john fotakis

Well, there she sits buddy justa gleaming in the sun ....  Now I cant get the tune out of my head James. Good luck with whatever you purchase. I would recommend the cadillac club authenticity manual for starters. It is great for a myriad of little details.  

Bob Haight

My 57 gets 16 on highway, 8 or so in town.  But I agree with parking it for the reactions.
 Once years ago I was filling the tank and a couple with a new (at the time) spotless slopeback Seville pulled up to the pump alongside.  They had just come from church on a Sunday morning, and were dressed as a black professional couple would for church; he in a pefectly pressed suit, shined shoes, crisp collar and tie and she had a beautiful dress, heels and matching hat.  Their four-year old son, also in a suit and tie, couldnt stop staring at my Fleetwood, so I finally leaned down and told him to tell his dad to be sure to feed his Caddy premium fuel, so it could grow up big and strong some day like mine.  The little boys eyes were the size of saucers....

Then there was the evening last month when I pulled up with friends to a nice restaurant and all the valet parking attendants ignored the couple in the Lexus in front of me and agued over who got to park my Caddy.  Class will out!

Bob H

George UK

James, I live in the UK.
I run a 75 Eldorado rag top and a pink 59 De Ville.
The attention My wife and I get makes up for the cost.