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1902 cadillac value ? need help

Started by brian mitchell, January 03, 2007, 09:30:28 AM

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brian mitchell

i really need to find the value of a 1902 cadillac.. it is in pretty ruff shape but i understand it is one of three and very rare... i would appreciate any help....  

Jim Skelly, CLC #15958


How about posting some pictures.  I think #1 condition Model A Cadillacs are in the $50,000 range.

brian mitchell

model a was 1905 and there were many several thousand made... there were only 3 in 1902

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

First things first.  Any pics of the car? What is the engine number? Youll find it stamped on the crankcase - look at the illustration at this URL: TARGET=_blank>

Do the wheels have 14 spokes? See 1902 model on this page: TARGET=_blank>

Do the body sides have rectangular inspection hatches below the front seat, as seen in the pics on the foregoing page?

One of these 1902 models has popped up a few times in the last 15 years (alleged to be #1). It was owned by a Mr. Chuck Reed.  It went on the block at Scottsdale where it was apparently bid up to $90,000. Reserve not met:  Reed wanted at least $1,000,000 for it (his partner, Tim Potter, is believed to have offered it to GM for ...$15 million !!)

There you have it: ball-park value figure for one of the first three Cadillacs built is, IMHO, between $50,000 and $5,000,000 (depending on what percentage of the car is original and in good condition)!

John Dennis

Brian, Is this car in K.C. I have heard a rumor that a 02 prototype was in K.C. I just sold my 1915 Cadillac Model 51 to the GM Heritage Center. Im sure they would be interested in talking to you about the 02. I am told they have 1 1902 protype at the heritage center. Good luck

John Dennis

brian mitchell

no it is a couple thousand miles from kc. nobody has seen this one is 40 years... it has been sitting under a tarp in a back yard... go figure that

brian mitchell

it turned out to be a replica...  and it looks to small to be full size at that..... oohh well it is in good shape if a replica is worth anything

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

A replica? And the vendor didnt mention it earlier. Does it at least have a Cadillac motor ...or is it one of those lawn tractor powered replicas ?

brian mitchell

the person who owned it past away.. his grand son is selling his whole collection. 1972 yenko camaro, 62 vette , 69 big block chevelle.....ext... the 1902 is in the back yard under a tarp and he new nothing about it except it had a badge on it that said 1902 cadillac... he showed it to  me at night and i started my research... i finaly went to look at it good in the day light and founf it was a fake... and it looks to small to be full size.. so it probably does have a tractor engine in it.... it was a sad day...dream car turned out just to be a dream.... but it is in good shape if anybody wants a small 1902 replaca.... thanks for eveybodys help

Tim Pawl CLC#4383

Brian, Can you provide me with name and phone and location of 1902 replica?   I would be interested.  Tim Pawl 248-431-9618,

Yann Saunders, CLC #12588

Hi Tim, I dont think youll be impressed when you see it. I recall seeing one of these "replica 1902 Cadillac" cars advertised in a specialty magazine some 20-25 years ago. It was quite basic with spoked bicycle wheels as I recall.  The only thing Cadillac about it was the "name" plate.  I hope Im wrong and that this turns out to be a pleasant surprise for you.