81-84 cad 4.1 v6s

Started by WM LAW, February 12, 2007, 05:38:24 PM

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not the 4100 but the SIX has anyone ever owned one? any thoughts on reliability?? looking at an 82 w/80k on it .I know it will be underpowered but if it doesent fail like the ht 4100 ...any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated .Thanks Bill

Greg 18360

Bill I had a 81 Eldorado with the Buick 252, underpowered lousey mileage and it NEEDED high test gas. I played with the timing to stop the ping but it affected the power even more. If its going to be an everyday driver the lack of power will get on your nerves, and Im no lead foot.

Richard Sills - CLC #936

Years ago I had an 81 Sedan deVille with the V-6.  Although it was no hot rod in the performance department, I had no problems with it, and I dont recall hearing anything negative about the reputation of the V-6 for reliabilty.

TJ H 20664

I had one in an 81 for a while and traded it for an 83 with a 4100 and I liked the 4100 better (I suspect the advantage was EFI).  The 4100 also got better mileage. Both cars were a bit thin on power.  The engine was based on the 231/3.8 Buick V6 that was the base for the 3800 which was the big motor for GM for many years. They were not very common at least around where I live.  Only saw them in a few cads and buicks. The intakes are differnt for the 4bbl carb other than that I think the rest of the parts are the same.  Im not sure about bore and stroke so cranks and pistons could be an issue but if it came to that building a strong 3.8 or some V8 swap would be better.  Like most Gm non chev pushrod engines the plastic cam gears seem to fall apart in the low 100K range (I owned 3 that let go around 115K)and the oil pumps are part of the aluminum timing cover which makes them prone to wear and expensive to replace. Good thing is there is plenty of room to work on the front of the engine in these cars.

If the body and interior looks good and it runs well I would not be afraid of it.

StPaul/Mpls MN USA

Johnny #662

My experience with the "Cadillac" V-6 of 1981, isnt as pleasant as others.  From day one, I loved the looks of the 79-85 Eldorados, and in 81 finally decided to buy and Eldorado.  Being the "astute" and "prudent" buyer and "expert" on Cadillac engines, I opted for the V-6, instead of the much maligned 8-6-4 engine!  Initially, while it wasnt as powerful as the 79 Coupe that I traded in, I was quite pleased with the car.  Long story short, slowly the car started developing major engine problems, and was a disaster to own. Eventually it got stolen on New Years eve in 1984, really quite a blessing!  Undaunted with the bad experience of the car, I forged ahead and bought another Eldorado, since I still loved the looks.  I thought that lightning wouldnt strike twice, plus the 85s were equipped with the state of the art, high tech "HT 4100" engine!

Actually I still have the 85, and it performs perfectly.  I must add that I only have 24,000 miles on it, long story.

Ron Dalessio

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johnny #662

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