Treadle-Vacs, etc.

Started by 35-709, July 12, 2007, 10:26:12 PM

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A short time ago someone was looking for an outfit that rebuilt older power brake boosters such as Treadle Vacs.  Can't find that posting here anymore but I did come across an ad in the Hemmings Classic Car Magazine (try it you'll like it) placed by MPP (Midwest Power Products) "Specializing in Re manufactured Treadle-Vacs, Master Vacs, & Hydro-Vac Power Brake Boosters.  If anyone still needs or wants their information, their phone number is 708-563-9326.  Email ----   They are located in Crestwood, Ill.  I have had no dealings with this company.
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Dan Reed

Thanks Geoff!  I was inquiring about a new/rebuilt booster & master cylinder for my '56 Caddy.


walt #23510

I had Midwest overhaul my vacumn wiper motor,and recently had a problem with it. They not only took it back without question,but cleaned and bench checked it for free,plus shipped back on their dime!(they called and gave me some tips for improving service life)I'm not associated with these people,but wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!...walt...tulsa,ok