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Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1975 R22 refrigerant??
Last post by jwwseville60 - Yesterday at 11:54:12 AM
Sorry, but I fervently disagree.
I have fixed 4 AC systems in old caddies. Both gasses.
The high pressure R134 does NOT cool as efficiently as the low pressure R12 in a 1950s-1970s car.
If you replace every part in the system with R134 specific parts them maybe so, but modern cars have much higher fan speeds than old ones to make up for the lower specific cooling.

Humid states are not the same as western drier ones. You will see a big difference regardless of vent temperature.

R12:  34 deg at vent

R134:  42 deg at vent
Technical / Authenticity / 1966 Eldorado barn find
Last post by bcroe - Yesterday at 11:06:24 AM
Yes expect to replace all the pipes under the car: fuel,
exhaust, and brakes, along with all cylinders.  I have
done as much on cars newer than that.  And be certain
the original timing chain set (plastic time bomb) has
been replaced. 

It has a switch pitch transmission, make sure that is
performing properly, or improve it with an electronic
control.  Bruce Roe
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Body On Frame W/ Engine Ca...
Last post by bcroe - Yesterday at 10:57:57 AM
I have had new springs settle a lot in a relatively
few miles.  Do drive it some, then torch the springs. 
Bruce Roe
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1975 R22 refrigerant??
Last post by dplotkin - Yesterday at 10:47:56 AM
Quote from: jwwseville60 on Yesterday at 08:28:41 AMAll American cars before 1991 used R12 as far as I know. R22 is a variant that was supposed to be less harmful to the atmosphere. It was used primarily in home systems.

You can use a newer refrigerant R12 replacement or convert to R134A, but it will only be 70% as cold as the original. I know this because Ive tested the vent temp on my 1960 which is original stock R12, and then on my 1963 which has the Old Air R134 compressor. A 7 deg. difference is big.

There are VERY few shops that have an old R12 recovery system and most wont deal with it due to strict laws.

"First of all R12 is the "older version" of freon that is no longer used. Also, it was used primarily in car air conditioning."

"As for R22, it is part of the new family of freon that supposedly hurts the ozone layer less than the ones before it (hence the reason why it was banned). R22 is one of the replacements for R12."

Not entirely accurate. R22 was never used in automobiles, only stationary AC systems. R134 can replace R12 in an R12 system and work as well, I repeat, as well as R12. The STV or POA valve can be recalibrated for R134, but I run R134 in a 62 Bonneville (same as Cadillac system) and it cools to 42 degrees, as cold as you want it without freezing the evaporator. I have 134 in a 68 Chrysler, same thing, any colder would be too cold.

A 7 degree performance difference informs me that you have overcharged, undercharged or have some other deficiency in your system. I have 12 years of proof that R134 works beautifully in a 62 steel condenser STV GM system.

In the VIRs and EEVIRs both the (they still called it) POA and the TXV "capsules" are replaceable. The "POA" capsule was severely simplified to just a sliding sleeve valve and spring which was prone to getting gummed up if there were any contaminants in the system. The basic VIR/EEVIR concept was prone to poor performance since they were extremely charge dependent and the site lass in the VIR shows clear when the system is still over a pound sort of refrigerant.
As far as R-22, the critical temperature of 205 degrees F. means that when over 205 degrees, a temperature commonly experienced in automotive underhood conditions, the refrigerant will not condense, regardless of the pressure. Not a good thing.
Greg Surfas
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1966 Eldorado barn find
Last post by Michael Petti - Yesterday at 10:39:03 AM
When replacing parts, I would opt for rebuilding originals when possible. Brake parts, fuel pumps, water pumps etc are made in China today and quality is dubious.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Diamondback 235-75R15 WWW ...
Last post by jwwseville60 - Yesterday at 10:24:06 AM
Im on my third set. The best.
Want To Buy - Cars / Re: Looking for a 1959 Cadilla...
Last post by William Aprile - Yesterday at 10:22:11 AM
what did the 59 cadillac sell for ?
Restoration Corner / Re: 1946 convertible project u...
Last post by jwwseville60 - Yesterday at 10:18:24 AM
Wow! Cool car.
Its amazing that mice could live in the crankcase with dirty toxic oil.
Restoration Corner / Re: Cavern green
Last post by jwwseville60 - Yesterday at 10:10:15 AM
Really nice.
This is almost the same as traditional British Racing green.