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'59 Radio Speaker Replacement and Power Antenna Substitute

Started by DylanFan52, October 12, 2019, 03:53:27 PM

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Since I have the dash pad off my 1959 Series 62 doing a full restoration I plan to replace the original front and rear speaakers.  I am confused by the  electric component little box (resistor? condenser? enclosed tube?) attached to the original front speaker (the rear speaker is completely missing.)  Do the replacement speakers have to have this device or can I use a modern speaker.  I have never seen a modern speaker with this device.  I plan to use the original radio since it works.  Second question the antenna motor does not work and the mast is missing.  Has anyone replaced the antenna with one that is  in the fixed upright position or even better one that I can manually raise up and down when washing the vehicle.  Thank you!

Big Fins

That device is the voice coil. You factory radio will NOT work without it. Have the original speaker reconed, with the voice coil if you like originality.
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Thank you!  Once again I have learned something about this car.  I had a feeling that modern speakers would not work.


Those old electric antennas are getting hard to source parts.  The recoiling part is plastic and gets brittle and breaks.   PO either sold it or didn't work and removed.   You can try the usual sources for one, but it's a pricey buy, but they do come up.   
You can put a "regular" antenna on it.   Most of those don't go all the way down and disappear, however.
If you use a newer electric antenna, those motors don't draw as many amps, and have to watch you don't burn the motor out, if you use the factory radio contacts.   
I had the reverse problem, I put a classic auto stereo in, kept the factory antenna for "show" and the new contacts won't handle the amps necessary for the motor, so I put in a separate toggle switch on a panel below the dash.   One of the normal factors of owning this period car.


Hi all,

we will be producing a small badge of '59 antenna CADILLAC antenna masts with all drive gear components so you can rebuild the power antenna to original specs.

Need more information send an e-mail to

Cheers TIMO

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Do the front and back speaker both have this voice coil? I want to replace the rear speaker on my 59 - do I need to source one with a voice coil? Where would I find such a speaker?
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Only the front has it. A wire comes off that part and travels back to the rear. 
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