In search of reproduction or refurbished radiator 1955 Cadillac w/AC

Started by 55 CDV Fan 82, September 15, 2022, 09:57:29 AM

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Not much protection there. Not a good call on the shipper/manufacturer's part. The one I packaged here is layered with several sheets of cardboard, even though I suspect it will be re-cored. Still, these items should not sustain that kind of damage. Clay/Lexi


Quote from: Lexi on September 22, 2022, 05:34:16 PMShipping quotes to Europe are awfully expensive. Ouch! Now I know why member Roger Zimmermann has commented on it in the past. I also had to acquire materials and spent several hours building a box for it out of solid wood and thick cardboard to make it fit in a very strong yet lightweight & very slim line sturdy custom case. Only way to cut down on shipping cost was to make it with minimal clearance to the object yet very sturdy. Shipping based on size and weight, so smaller = a cheaper rate. As previously alluded to I will have pass on a nominal sum to cover this as I had nothing here to contain it. So I had to build. Don't know what shipping is to you but I will send a PM if Nickl passes. Just hope it goes to a good home. I now have a spare radiator ready to go, so I no longer need this as a back up for my car. As a purist I was never keen on using it as the drain cock is in the wrong place for my year, though the rad would have fit and good to go if need be. I liked that it was not all dented up or roached out, but should go to a '55 or possibly '54 owner.  Clay/Lexi

Shipping big items like this to Germany is normally much cheaper if you use a shipping service. This company sends a container once a month. They are located in Texas.
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That could be a valuable tip. I live in Canada and not sure what service like that we have here. A buddy is a shipping broker and I will ask about this. Will try and save the buyer some shipping cost. Thanks for your input. Clay/Lexi


A quick check with the shipping consultant I use who said as a low volume, perhaps one time user, I am stuck using the main carriers here which do use a consolidated service as you suggested-where my stuff would end up anyhow but at a premium (because I won't get a discount due to low volume). Looks like Canada Post is it for low price but the commercial carriers would offer certain advantages that Canada Post does not, but at a higher cost. Not a lot of options here in Canada. Clay/Lexi