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New York Limo Task force

Started by rstanton, October 03, 2022, 06:21:05 PM

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Oct 1 was the deadline for the NY Limo Task force to post their findings. It is a 154 page report, where it is not too encouraging to vintage limo owners. There is still more news coming from the Inspector General, as to other issues related to the task force findings. To all non New Yorkers, if your limo is not a Cadillac Master Coachbuilder or a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier, there is a good chance your vehicle will be forced off the road at some point in time. There is hope for people with a series 75 Cadillac limo, but people wont know until you go to get your car inspected. They still seem to be enforcing the 2011 DOT max passenger labeling law for all stretch limos, with no exemptions to car show vehicles yet. Not for hire show cars may need a label affixed to the door stating NOT FOR HIRE. Please follow the link to read the NYS Limo Task Force report. There will be more pending legislation, and most of these requirements will go national with Charles Schumer as the sponsor. As a follow up to the accident, the owner of the limo business that caused the accident, will go to trial in 2023, as his plea deal was rejected, which makes many of us and the victim's families very happy to hear he will stand trial.
Does anyone know was OGara a Cadillac CMC vendor? They were located in California, before absorbed by Hess Eisenhart
stretch-limousine-passenger-safety-task-force-report_.pdf (