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Started by Raycad, September 29, 2022, 11:59:58 AM

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  When I search for 1962 Cadillac I get 7000 plus results most of which are not pertinent.
  If you search for 1962 Cadillac -brand new   you will get 600 results and less clutter to wade thru


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The problem is that most of what you're looking for in a 1962 car probably will be used. Why search all listings for x model year car? I always search for the part I'm looking for ie, 1962 Cadillac fuel pump, taillight lens, fender skirt etc.
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It's the ebay search algorithm - wants the widest results.  They could do a better job and have stricter selling rules, but might cost them a few pennies and the sellers would bolt.
If you look at some of the "stores" that sell parts, they'll put all vehicles as "fits".  Ebay doesn't police that.  No matter what you search, you get a bunch of extraneous hits.   Unfortunately, sometime the jewels are hidden in the extraneous, so search within your search results for what you want, rather than limit casting the wide net upfront.   Sometimes called advance search in some engines.  Often though, if too tight, you'll get no results.
If the seller doesn't identify by proper name, you won't find it.  So you have to add all the possible names to find things.  I used to have a standing search I used regularly, but don't need any parts.  You can use -(word) to exclude things.   

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