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Trace my 58 Coupe

Started by Andy Green, May 23, 2020, 12:20:38 PM

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Andy Green

The colour is unique to that car as the seller painted it. I know it is the same car as the emblem is missing on the trunk too. I just wonder if it is a scam or does it exist?



Quote from: lexi on June 18, 2020, 09:37:37 AM
Should the police someday consider laying charges, in some jurisdictions the "extending of credit" is viewed by the judiciary as one having accepted the terms of such a situation. Successful prosecution is therefore not likely given those circumstances, in some jurisdictions. If it were me I would want it all or nothing. Clay/Lexi

A hypothetical look at the matters as presented:

Today I read through all of these posts on this thread, and wish to comment on my June 18th 2020 comment on the "extending of credit", (which I still stand by). As you have since stated that the seller had already sent you $5,000 which I presume you accepted, the aforementioned situation of credit extending may have already been triggered. Again, this would be a jurisdictional matter as laws may vary from State to State. That said, it appears that your payment for the vehicle itself was less than the $18,000 claimed, however, that sum also includes the cost of engine repairs and painting that you agreed to. Is that correct?

Just thinking out loud, but I wonder if the seller has refunded you the cost of the repairs (but not the cost of the vehicle)? Perhaps he may argue some breach of contract in which he was only obligated to refund your repair costs? Not saying I agree based on what I have read, but if your claims are accurate it may be indicative of the seller having attempted to "cover his tracks", so to speak, and attempt to undo certain errors. I do not live in the U.S. but have 37 years of Law Enforcement background and I can see that your problems with the seller could very well fall into a contract law dispute. In that case, you may be directed to pursue a remedy via civil law, in which the seller may claim a contractual breach of some sort, which impacted his sale of the vehicle; thereby costing him lost revenue. Your claim may also have reached its limitation status, and may no longer be actionable; hence perhaps the reason for drawing this matter out time-wise. Not saying I agree, but have seen this before, even with insurance companies. Perhaps, again why he only has refunded what  may be money for repairs. Speculating as I have not seen a breakdown of all costs. Not asking for such either, just thinking out loud here.

That said, the seller may still have run afoul of various State legislation and Insurance regulations, (i.e. car lost by fire which is said to be false, as one example). So, he may be able to win the battle with you by way of the extension of credit argument or just because of your position of living in another country and not having the resources to pursue the matter. That said, he could still lose the "war" and find himself in far more trouble with respect to fraud, should your allegations prove true. If this is multi jurisdictional, he may have even increased his legal jeopardy, which in theory would have far more serious implications.

If what has been reported is factual, it would be in his best interests to refund what remains and hope you go away. Clay/Lexi 

Andy Green

Hi Clay,

Thanks for your input, may I clarify things? Firstly I am a very honest person and expect everyone I deal with to be the same (not that you are accusing me of untruths) but sadly some are not and take advantage of someone's good nature. I understand why you think the way you do though being in law enforcement and where would we be without guys like you. My eldest daughter was a supervisor CSI here in the UK for 19 years so the job makes someone suspicious that's just how it is.
So, I actually paid $18500 for the car in March 2016, I asked the seller if he would replace the rubbers on the car (door and window rubbers) and I offered to pay for this job as I felt it was only fair to do so. The seller didn't want payment and said he would throw that in with the deal. The car was already repainted before it went for sale so that doesn't come into it at all. I asked him to check the motor and trans, he said the trans was ok but the motor needed a rebuild and he would take the car to his "buddy down the road" who I found out later was 100 miles away in CA. I offered to pay for the rebuild.
The seller mailed me to say he was sorry but the car was caught in an electrical fire in the other guy's workshop who rebuilt the motor, the guy had no insurance. The seller could not provide any proof of a fire or evidence that my car was totaled in it. I have found out recently there was no fire in that area at all at the time stated.
The seller agreed to repay me, I said to just repay $18,000, keep the other $500 for the parts he said he bought. He paid me back $5,000 in 2017 and hasn't paid me anything since then.
So I hope that clarifies some things that you didn't get quite right Clay. Net result at this moment in time is that I do not have the car and I am still owed $13,000, simple as that. The seller still has the car as it appears from the advert and he still has my $13,000. He has 3 convictions of fraud from the past so I think this may give you a better understanding all round.
Thank you for spending the time to write your thread, much appreciated.

Jon S

Quote from: chrisntam on March 14, 2021, 01:37:46 PM
Find out what the VIN number is on the one being auctioned.

The VIN Number is in the ad - 58G022669!

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Hey Andy, you are most welcome. That clarifies some matters, so much thanks for your response. I as well spent time in CSI, (almost 14 years in Forensic Science), so I worked on both the pure & applied investigative as well as the Scientific side of Law Enforcement Investigations over my 37 year career. To be fair to the seller as well as to the Administrators of this Forum, I won't cast judgment as we have not heard his side of the story. Besides this is not a legal Forum nor are we the trier of facts. You seem to be a reasonable individual so I imagine you understand this. That said, if you have reported the facts accurately and he is reading this, I would urge him to communicate with you asap with a view to resolve all outstanding matters in an amicable, legitimate manner. Clay/Lexi

Andy Green

Hi Clay,
I do understand you only have a one sided account of the situation but surely if a person has paid for a car he deserves to have it doesn't he? There has to be no question about that. This is the case that I have to cope with, someone has cheated me out of either the car I bought or refunding the money I have paid for it. He has repaid me $5k in 2017 so surely to anyone, that alone is sealing the admission that he agrees he should repay me what I have paid for the car. It is 5 years since I bought the car so I do not feel I am being unreasonable waiting that amount of time for my money.
I am 73 years old Clay and I would never treat anyone how I have been treated, I have rather helped others with funds to sort some problems out for them and I do not feel I deserve to be treated in this way. I am not annoyed with you but just putting my view forward. I will carry on to get success, someone out there will help me to get justice.
Thank, Andy


The devil is always in the details Andy. Hopefully one or more Law Enforcement agencies in the U.S. will follow up and bring this matter to a logical conclusion. Hope you have all papers and can provide enough evidence to compel the authorities to act. Sounds like you have a great resource person to turn to, (your eldest daughter), to best organize these matters for the information and attention of the authorities. If it were me I would have her assist in writing an Investigative style report or even a court brief style type of document for investigative consideration. They would also serve as your case organization, which is extremely important. I strongly suspect that by doing this, it will increase the probability of having your complaint dealt with.

If done properly it should present your case with Prima facie evidence that a crime has been committed. Basically, that means "at first glance" your case would obtain a conviction in the absence of a rebuttal. As your daughter managed a CSI group of Investigators she would be able to assist in this regard. These matters would be written considering the elements necessary to establish Prima facie as well as what actually constitutes evidence, of which there are several types. Your daughter will know what to do! So, this is one way to achieve attention and stand out from the crowd. Clay/Lexi

P.S. If someone from this site did communicate with the seller, it wasn't me! Don't even know this individual.

Andy Green

Clay, many thanks for your advice, I will chat with my daughter to see if she can help. She was made redundant from the force around 8 years ago and now runs her own business with her husband doing something completely different. The seller will get caught one day I will do my best to make it happen.


Andy Green

Hi everyone,

Just to give you all an update.
I have filed another IC3 report with the updated information that my 58 Coupe was up for sale even though it is supposed to have been burned up. Have also mailed LVPD with this information and a few other guys in LV too. I believe my car is being hidden in Las Vegas somewhere so keep an eye out for it and if it comes up for sale again please let me know, thanks.


Andy Green

Hi guys,
Has anyone seen my 58 Coupe up for sale lately, vin:58G022669. This guy Nicki Caparelli still has it hidden somewhere maybe in the Vegas area where he used to live.
Thanks for any help in finding it.


Andy Green

Hi Guys,

Just to repeat my question, has anyone seen another advert for my 58 coupe in the USA or has anyone seen the car being driven maybe in the Vegas area? Or does anyone know where this car is being kept or hidden?
Lastly, can someone go on "White pages " for me to find any updates on Nicholas Caparelli to see if he has recently been convicted of fraud or anything else please?
White pages won't let anyone who resides outside the USA to find information.
I bought my 58 Cadillac Coupe from this person and never got it, have reported him to the FBI but don't know the outcome and can't find out any information. Thanks.



I'll ask around in the Las Vegas region, but I think we'd have noticed if that car was running around on the streets.

A couple of observations, as a Las Vegas lawyer.  And to be clear, this is *not* legal advice, I would never give that on a forum!

1) While the police would be likely to process such a report and forward to the District Attorney to prosecute, that won't, in itself, trigger a refund.  A successful criminal prosecution would likely, though, result in a restitution order--but even that isn't self enforcing.  As a general principle off law, however, it *could* be the basis for a civil judgment (which also wouldn't enforce itself).  A restitution order would generally simply remain a debt, although not paying amounts consistent with income could be a factor in release from parole or probation.

2) In all 50 states, the Unifor Commercial Code provides that for property covered by a document of title, possession of the property and the title gives an apparent authority to transfer the title, and a safe harbor for the buyer.  Someone who had contracted to purchase the property would usually not be able to recover from the property for a bona fide purchaser for value.

3) While I haven't generally practiced in criminal nor general civil law in nearly three decades, $13k is, generally, not an economically feasible to collect with a lawyer.

4) I don't remember what the statute of limitations is for felonies.  For that matter, it may well have changed since I did!  Civilly, for a written contract, it's six years (but can extended for time a person isn't in the jurisdiction and amenable to service).

And setting aside lawyerly thinking . . .

Two 58 caddies in nice shape in an apartment carport???. In Las Vegas???

Understand that our sun here is such that we don't bother paying attention to tread life when choosing tires, as they won't last long enough to matter.   They die from "dry rot" as the UV takes out the sidewalls first.  And paint just plain doesn't last.

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Andy Green

Hi Richard,
I have only just found your message, I usually get an alert come through but not with yours. Thank you for your input and knowledge.
I still haven't heard anything from the FBI or other PD's at all, like you say to many people $13,000 is not very much money but for me a 74 year old guy from England it is quite a lot of money and I had to work a lot of hours to save this amount to have one of my dream cars. This was then taken away by a low life scum who only cares about himself and unfortunately every legal avenue I have tried for help none are interested, in fact many do not have the courtesy to even reply. I couldn't treat someone like that, perhaps we have different morals over here, who knows.
I did have correspondence from someone who has tried to help me from the USA and he did his best to help me which I was grateful for, however we haven't succeeded.

I am back to asking anyone if they have seen my 58 Coupe being driven around or know where it is stored or has seen it advertised to please let me know.
I send a big thank you to all on this forum who have tried to help and to those who will hopefully try to help in the future.
I also have mails from "White pages" telling me of changes to Nicholas Caparrelli but not being a resident of the USA I cannot gain access to the information to see if this person has been convicted recently etc so perhaps someone can help me get information from that too.
This forum is fantastic and I have used it for various car questions over the last couple of years. Thank you all again.

Andy Green


don't feel bad about timing, I just found yours!

and, yes, notifications seem to have flown away in the wind around here.

I'm very much not suggesting that it's not a lot of money.

The problem is that the attorney time for a case like this, unless the whereabouts were all already known, would probably be more than the amount to be recovered.

On the bright side, a year or two ago, Carl Fielding's '28 was sighted and found by someone on here . . .
1972 Eldorado convertible,  1997 Eldorado ETC (now awaiting parts swap from '95 donor), 1993 Fleetwood but no 1926 (yet)

Andy Green

Hi Richard,
Yes I understand that the costs of an attorney may out way what is owed to me naturally and I think Nicholas Caparelli of 18 Seckelpear Road Levittown PA 19056 is aware of the advantage he has over me and why he is the scum he is. He used to live at 8255 S. Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas NV89123. It is believed that my car is still in the Vegas area on a trailer park somewhere but I would have to invest in hiring a P.I to trace the whereabouts of my car. If the car is found then I have more legal expenses to take things further.
The money he owes me is part of my children's inheritance when I pass on, what sort of bum would do that and how many other people will he do that to until he is stopped and put in jail for fraud? My hands are tied Richard as I cannot spend more of my Children's inheritance on this matter as I feel I would be cheating them.
He has a website: Rocket Carz and you will see pictures of him on it.
Thanks for the advice.

Andy Green

Hi guys,
I am asking again if anyone has seen my 58 Coupe mentioned above? Maybe in the Vegas area somewhere, keep looking for me please, thanks.


I tried to understand the entire 6 pages of events here. While I absolutely understand your unfortunate frustration and loss, the situation seems rather dire.

My best suggestion would be to consult with an attorney of jurisdiction.

 Be mindful there is a statute of limitations of probable 2 years.
 If no official stolen vehicle report was made ...there seems zero optimism of recourse
 even if you locate the vehicle.