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59 Caddy 62 Conv. 4 wheel disc brake conversion kit

Started by, April 19, 2021, 06:25:39 PM

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Hi Yall! Can anyone tell me what 4 wheel disc brake conversion kit (that mounts on stock spindles), will fit my 59 Caddy 62 convertible without any relocations of accessories? My 59 has stock AC & cruise control & auto-tronic eye options. The cruise control motor that mounts on the driver's side valve cover can be moved forward a bit for clearance of the brake booster-Whooppee!. But my firewall has this Campbells Soup can looking vacuum can that mounts on the firewall immediately above my stock brake booster. Is there a conversion kit that will not require this can to be moved away for clearance? A conversion kit booster that is the same dimensions as stock (or a smaller diameter) is required, but most kits have oversized brake boosters that require relocating these accessories. A kit with equal, or less, brake booster diameter dimensions will fix the problem. electric brake booster conversion kit is smaller in overall size & will work.....but it looks nothing like the original system & it's rather ugly!. Somebody out there has faced this conversion challenge before, so please comment. Thanks all for your help. William F. Gasser


When I went through this on '58, the first thing is the stock rims won't fit over discs.   So if you want the stock hub caps, you have to keep the drum brakes, but can still change the booster/master.   That's what I opted for.
I'd call around to places, like "classic disc brakes", Caddy Daddy, etc. that offer kits and see what they tell you.   I doubt it'll be as clean as they say, so plan accordingly.   
A '59er may have a better story.   They all pretty much use the same ~9" GM booster it's the mounting that counts.   Some owners have done they're own.   There was one on here or in the owners club with instructions.

Thanks for the advice. Will check into it and tell the club what I find out. Best Regards