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1931 V-12 firewall cover?

Started by tatarph, July 31, 2021, 12:37:28 PM

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Was the decorative firewall cover used in the 1931 V-12 engine compartment interchangeable with other years? Also, anyone aware of an original or aftermarket reproduction available for purchase? Thank you. Phil   

Chris Cummings

Hi Phil,

I'm pretty sure that's a 1931-only item.  The V-12 wasn't made in 1930 and the 1932 Cadillacs were styled differently. (The '32 firewall cover had a wider rim and very different placement of holes because the 1932s no longer used the vacuum tanks, and the air cleaner/muffler units were mounted directly to the firewall).

On the positive side, nearly 11,000 1931 V-12s were made, so chasing down a firewall cover is not impossible.

Good luck,

Chris Cummings

Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

I have a 32/33 V8 one if you could make it work.
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Thank you! Very helpful. Unfortunately, even with the large number of V-12s produced in 1931, I'm unable to locate a firewall cover. Should anyone discover one for sale, please point me in seller's direction and/or let seller know that I'm interested. Best.

Chris Cummings


Wayne Ellsworth said that he may have one.  He's on vacation right now, but can check when he returns home.  He's in the CLC Directory, or you can PM me.

Best regards,