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We almost caught my shop on fire trying to start up this old 1949 Cadillac 331

Started by ClassicNation, January 28, 2023, 01:44:37 PM

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I thought you all might get a kick out of my brother, my dad, and myself firing up this old 1949 Cadillac 331 engine for the first time in years.

James Landi

FIRING IT UP!!!!Molotov cocktail any one--- (all you needed was a "rag chaser')  How about having a fire extinguisher handy--- just saying.  Everyone is having good fun... thanks for posting and letting us see all the fun and excitement.  James


I wouldn't be posting that all over.   Goes against most of the fuel safety rules.
I don't understand why people would think that's "kool"?   


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When I fired my first 59 Eldo B up for the first time, after a ton of resto work - YES, I WASS GIGGLING LIKE I WAS a 15 year old kid.

I have a video of that first start - no I will not post it - gotta a rep. to maintain.

No shame in feeding a center carb of a tri-power with gas from an old mustard squeeze bottle you would use on a hot dog at the fair - still have on the shelf, marked GAS.

OSHA - give me a break - we didn't need no stink'n OSHA.

have fun, I know my son and I did.
Steve B.
S. Butcher