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39 LaS Los Angeles Art District Photos

Started by Artistic Precision, January 07, 2023, 11:21:52 AM

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Artistic Precision

Hey guys it's 2023. Time is flying by. On New Years Day we got a slight break in the rain here in Southern California. The Majestics lowrider car club of LA had a big show in North Hollywood on New Years day. I drove my 39 about an hour to get there, hung out a couple hours, then cruised to the Art District in Downtown LA for lunch and to take some pictures. Then it started to rain on me so I jammed further west to the beach at Santa Monica where the sky was clear, and took Pacific Coast Hwy south into Orange County, around the rain clouds. Then cut up the 55 to the 57 through Anaheim to come back home. I GPSed my rout after, and it showed 179 miles. But I drove around quite a bit in Downtown LA. So Im sure I put over 200 miles on it to start off the new year. Feels good to finally be getting the car dialed in more and more each day. Getting ready for a 4 hour drive up north soon. Enjoy the pics 👍

Artistic Precision

More pics

Artistic Precision


Artistic Precision

Some pics out in front of Coast Airbrush, and a before and after comparison


looks great - would have met up with my 67 had i known

can you give me addresses of the graffiti area - i want to take some pics there for my 49 Ford F1 truck
Ryan Zeimen
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Those are some pretty cool pics Artistic 8)

I used to live near Anaheim in Buena Park close to Cerritos way back in the days. I miss L.A. true urbanity, its culture, lifestyle and all the great places to shop and eat compared to bland San Diego.

Sadly tho, L.A. looks like a 3rd world country now with all the major homeless crisis, out of control crime, and Mad Max environment so many people live in.
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