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A question to the Swedish members...

Started by 6262, January 15, 2023, 01:23:01 AM

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With the increasing costs of shipping it gets more difficult to purchase parts in the US or have something rebuild there when you are located in Europe. Shipping often exceeds the value of the part or the price of labour. Since there is an incredible number of vintage American cars in Sweden, who do you go to for the purchase of parts or to have items as transmissions or accessories repaired? What can you recommend? 

I know of the the following:

P-G Larsson, parts in general

Carbguy in Älvsjö

Autoline, dash restoration

TA Motor, parts for classic Cadillacs

KS Import, parts in general

USA Trading, they seem to do do a lot of convertible tops...

I am sure there is more and would be grateful for your hints.

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Roger Zimmermann

I'm sure that most equipment can be repaired in Sweden. Of course, parts must be imported, increasing the costs of a restoration/maintenance.
A relative in Switzerland has a container and he load it with orders from his colleagues. Of course, if a part is urgent, a container is not the suitable method!
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Matti R

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I buy my stuff from TA Motor, Dalhems, Hansen Racing and various Ebay sellers.