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Started by Barry M Wheeler #2189, January 16, 2023, 10:26:19 AM

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Barry M Wheeler #2189

Yesterday afternoon must have been Chrysler Corp. day on TCM. I watched most of "Designing Woman" and part of "Don't Make Waves" with Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinelle." (SP)

There was a nice 1950-54 Imperial limousine used in an alley scene near the end of the first movie, but it got danced upon during the scene.

Then, in the second movie, a late 1960s (?) light blue Imperial convertible was used for much of the movie. (It was driven by Claudia.) I didn't know that it also seemed to feature a hard "top" boot like the Eldorado convertible. I did go to check on line, and most appeared to have the regular fabric top boot. Perhaps this car had some custom features.

 Also, in one quick shot of the RH area back of the passenger door, you got a great view of the fit of the top when it was raised, behind the rear quarter window.

There were sundry other things to look at of the female persuasion scattered here and there also. Lots of bare backs, but they were all looking the other way.(The plot involved selling swimming pools in CA.)
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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Good post Barry. I got to check those 2 movies out. Clay/Lexi

Bill Kaufman CLC# 15225

I will check those out. Also, The movie "Tin Men" is probably the greatest Cadillac movie ever made. A lot of cool caddies !
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Vince Taliano #13852

Quote from: Bill Kaufman CLC# 15225 on January 21, 2023, 05:39:56 PMI will check those out. Also, The movie "Tin Men" is probably the greatest Cadillac movie ever made. A lot of cool caddies !

Tin Men was filmed in my hometown of Baltimore before I was a CLC member.  View the story on its 30th anniversary in the April 2017 issue of the Caddie Chronicle, pages 7-9. 
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