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Grand National in Anaheim

Started by Mike, September 16, 2005, 02:05:09 PM

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Anyone going?  This would be my 1st time.  Where has it been held in the past?  What were those like?



I went to the Grand National this year in Iowa (drove from CA) and I thought it was great.  Not only do you get to see a whole slew of cars from all different years in every condition, but you get to meet other CLC members from all over the country (and the world!).  The GN moves around the country every year (this year Iowa, next year CA, the year after down south somewhere, I think), so dont be too bummed if its too far to fit in comfortably in 06.  If you have the chance, though, come on out.


Steve Cole

What are the specifics?? When is it??

I need to know when to have mine interstate ready! :)

Jeff Hansen, #4225

The 2006 Grand National will be at the Doubletree Hotel in Anaheim from June 14-17, 2006.

For 2007, the GN will be in Savannah, Georgia at the Marriott Hotel from August 1 - 5.

2008, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, August 13 - 16.

2009, Las Vegas.

You can find all of the dates and locations on the CLC Calendar: TARGET=_blank>


Frank DeCou CLC #12231

For those that are interested here is the specifics of the hotel, taken from an email from Tom Musson CLC SoCal Regional Director.

Doubletree Hotel Anaheim/Orange County
100 The City Drive, Orange, California.
"It is actually located in Orange at the confluence of the 5, 22 and 57 Fwys.
The CLC liason is Lexa Smith, 714-634-7158. The general hotel # is
714-634-4500. It will be a great location for us."

Frank DeCou