Aloha From Hawaii - Bought a '59 And Need To Drive it 2000+ Miles Upon Pick Up

Started by Deaf Paul, May 11, 2022, 06:14:14 PM

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Deaf Paul

Thank you for clearing that up about the brake booster, 35-709.  So just need to add one more hose to run the dual right?  Is the second hose pre-made and needs to be ordered, or is this something that it is better for the the mechanic to source locally?

Quote from: 35-709 on May 18, 2022, 09:24:40 PM

To me, a Pertronix III is overkill for that car, I would use a Pertronix II, but it doesn't matter much, one or the other is fine.

Heck, the I should be fine as well right?  The reason I'm drawn to the III is because of the rev limiter feature that's built into the III.  I'm deaf, and I was warned that this car's engine feels quite isolated from the driver and there's a chance I wouldn't notice if the motor was ovverrevving due to a transmission issue or if it was accidentally put into a lower gear.  I don't want that to happen so a protective feature that I'm interested in.


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Ah!  Keep forgetting the deaf part, sorry. 
The Pertronix I would probably be OK, yes, but the II is an updated and improved (so I am told) version.  I used the I some years ago, but since the II was introduced I use that.  Haven't had any failures with either.
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Good news. Costco has 92'octane gas. That should work with a slight timing retard
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Deaf Paul

Costco is where I get my gas. Didn't even realize that their supreme was an octane point higher. I'm already having the timing retarded a hit beforenfor the 91 octane in the western states.

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