Epic Road Trip, need some shop recommendations

Started by jamesmadconductor, March 12, 2021, 09:41:01 AM

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Took an incredible drive from Vegas to Moab via Zion and Bryce canyons. Absolutely beautiful drive and the car was perfect for 11 straight hours. This is truly driving joy.
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Great to see that you are enjoying yourself, as this is what motoring is all about.

Bruce. >:D
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James so good to see your stunning 1970 Cadillac and your road trip are excellent. I've only just read this post so I'm late.

I know that London's most glamorous Rolls-Royce dealer had a special service in the old days for those well-heeled clients who, for example were going to spend a year at their villa on the French Cote d'Azur. They also produced 'touring' manuals (rare to locate now) full of information about European countries, language, money, measurements etc.

Broadly speaking they went through the car replacing anything they did not like the look of, meaning expensive. Interesting times.


A marginally old thread with correctly oriented pics once enlarged.
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The young mechanic at Rickenbaugh is Jake.  Very attentive service.  He put a "Do Not Touch" sign on my car.  Golly!
The service manager Blaise gave me a phone number for carb rebuild - Jim Thurman, owner, The Garage 1825 W Union #1 Englewood 303-248-3652.  The website shows BMW expertise. 

I really like the idea of a Service Guide.  I'm new to Cadillac and welcome all the referrals I can get.

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Over the years, I have purchased quite a few cars from the east and west coast back to Texas. I have carried a tool bag and some spare parts for that car. I just did a good check over before I left. In the end some cars went all the way home with no issues. A couple cars I thought I would never get home. But, in the end I would do it all over again. Each one was it own adventure. The nice thing it I did it today would be the timeline. 30 years ago I always had to worry about how long it was taking.   
                              Thanks Wayn


If you are mostly interested in portraiture, then zooms might be the better option. This is because you will likely want the flexibility that zooms offer, and they tend to be a little bit better at longer focal lengths.