Greenhorn with out a Horn...... (67 Coupe DeVille)

Started by Vossphoto, November 27, 2022, 10:22:12 PM

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Hi All,

 Well the title says it all. My goal is to repair the horn in my 67 Deville. I'm not much of a mechanic but a pretty good tinker. At this point, the problem, I believe is, I don't have ground from below the horn pad to the horn relay.

  I have been able to get the horn to honk by unplugging, what I believe is the ground wire that comes from behind the horn pad to the relay and grounding the relay pin to the body. To the best of my understanding, when the horn pad is pressed, it makes contact with one or more of the 3 screws located below each corner of the pad allowing the ground to complete the circuit.

Can anyone give me a quick overview of how the horn works, or advice on were to go from this point? Excuse me if I left anything out, I have little experience as a mechanic. Thank you in advance.