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Started by John Leshinski, December 01, 2015, 12:54:30 PM

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John Leshinski

I have heard that Bowman and Schwartz modified some V-12 and V-16 Cadillacs.  Is there anyway I could find out a list of Cadillacs that were modified?
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Randy Ema in California may be the one to ask (you see him mostly with Auburn, Cord, & Duesenberg, but he is also leading authority on Bohman & Schwartz).


I would like to know more details of this 1939 LaSalle Bohman & Schwartz car - I understand it was frequently seen on Los Angeles Streets, used often in the Rose Parade, and seen often in casino cities in Nevada (up into the late 1950's).  It also participated in the 6th Palm Springs Road Race in their Concours in 1954.  It was built for the President of Marchant calculators.

Quentin Hall

This 40 is one of a pair done by Bohman Schwartz. The other was customised in the 50s and I don't believe seen since. The one pictured was found delapidated in South America if i recall. I believe it is now in NJ.
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And look at those gravel shields!

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