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Correct Battery CCA & CA for 67 Eldorado

Started by Matt CLC# 18621, October 06, 2005, 12:54:31 PM

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Matt CLC# 18621

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
Cranking Performance Amps (CA)

Currently have 460 CCA â€" 575 CA.  Car will not restart after it has been driven for over a ½ hour.  I have to wait until car cools down or a get a jump start.  What is the correct battery CCA & CA for 67 Eldorado.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Get the highest amperage battery you can buy. 900-1000 CCA. Also make sure your cables have good tight, CLEAN connections at the starter, battery and ground. Check for good connections on the ground strap between the engine and frame. Check amperage draw from the starter upon start up. Dont know the proper draw off the top of my head. Also make sure the alternator is recharging the battery at about 60percent the rated amps upon heavy draw from the battery. The belt is set to the proper tension. Only 1/3 of the pulley is covered by the belt, so slippage is real easy though you may not hear a squeal. Connections and cable gauge are major factors. Dont try to save a buck or two in this department, or youll spend three!

Greg Wertau

What ever you do, dont purchase a Sears (or is it K-Mart) Die-Hard battery, you will spend more time exchanging every six months.

Bruce Reynolds # 18992

If you still are having trouble, check the Starter Motor to make sure the brushes and commutator are in good condition.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV

Porter 21919


Get an AC Delco battery, my nine year old one was still strong on my daily driver but I noticed the never removed positive terminal had some corrosion, a side mount unit mind you on my 90 Van, big mistake trying to remove it, ripped the housing out of the battery.

Van still started strong at 25 below, I was going for the Guiness record.

If you go to the AC Delco website they will give you the factory battery part # or the new spec.. You can upgrade if you want to.


Porter 21919

Here is the Gm spec. battery. If you want a top cap factory battery for big bucks USA parts has AC Delco repros. TARGET=_blank>

I tried the link it doesnt work, just go to parts search for your vehilce, etc. It will give you a part number but no spec.s. At least it is a reference.

Paul Sieberstein


The 429 7.0 liter high compression engine requires 750 CCA, 940 CA.