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Started by TonyZappone #2624, September 19, 2019, 01:34:40 PM

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TonyZappone #2624

Someone told me that the CT6 is going out of production in October.  Does anyone know for sure?
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Supposedly yes, but with GM, you never know. Especially because of how fast the model sold with the new Blackwing V8.

This is the kind of performance the car needs which separates itself from the competition in many ways.

Let’s hope the brand doesn’t discontinue it. My fingers are crossed.
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David King (kz78hy)

If you want one, I suggest sooner is better than later.
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TonyZappone #2624

I have my 2016 Platinum, 47000 mi.   I bought the extended warranty, and I really like the car.  Don't see the need for a new one.  Just wondered it the  series was going to be continue
Tony Zappone, #2624
1936 Pierce-Arrow conv sed
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Here is the last we heard from GM sources. I believe that the last information came in July. As we all know, GM negotiations with the UAW are currently under way.

“We have CT6 production scheduled at Detroit-Hamtramck that will keep vehicles available through January 2020. We have nothing additional to announce at this time,” Cadillac spokesman Stefan Cross said.

That’s hardly a confirmation the sedan will live on past its current expiration date, though GM brass hasn’t closed the door on the car’s future. Recall, Cadillac President Steve Carlisle commented the company “never said” the CT6 would die as part of GM’s larger North American restructuring. In fact, the company absolutely did prior to Carlisle’s statements. The CT6 was named alongside the Chevrolet Impala, Volt, Cruze, and Buick LaCrosse as one of the passenger cars soon to exit production.

Of the group, the CT6 and Impala are the only models left in production at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant. Production will continue into January 2020â€"unless something changes.

Carlisle said this past January the automaker was actively looking to relocate production of the CT6 sedan to another facility. He also mentioned the car could be imported from China, though, U.S. production was preferred. It’s a sure-fire bet GM will use CT6 production as leverage in UAW union negotiations that officially kicked off on Monday. In return for U.S. production of the CT6, GM may be able to secure concessions on one of many fronts it aims to curb expenses.

Thus, it’s safe to say the CT6 is in limbo, rather than completely dead.

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FWIW, I think the CT6 in the right model and with the V8 is a world-class car. But reliability is a question as with some other makes in this category.

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Scot Minesinger

GM and especially Cadillac are going electric, so unlikeley the CT6 will continue unless that body style can be made into an electric sedan.  An electric car might make sense for me coupled with a gasoline pick-up truck (that I already own).  The electric would be used for under 200 mile trips (which is 99% of my daily driving) and I would charge it at night in my garage.

It is a bummer because the CT6 was a sharp RWD car.  I could not get past the no V-8.  And when they did introduce a V-8 it had AWD only and it was crazy complicated - why not just drop the Escalade V-8 in it and make it simple?  The V-8 is for prestige and smoothness that a V-6 (or a V-4) cannot deliver.  Cars are so involved today, I will not buy a modern one without a very strong long term factory warranty.
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