1957 CDV Brake Fill Tube-Fluid Level

Started by My57CDV, September 22, 2018, 01:51:05 AM

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I believe the Brake Fluid Fill port is the vertical tube on the left side of the power brake unit on the fire wall.

I removed the Top Cover (with the square nut) - where should the Brake Fluid Level be at?

I did not see any lines nor marks on / in the Tube to indicate fluid level. I have read the Service Manual and not found any direction for Fluid Level.

Experienced input Requested Please!

Mark Anderson

gary griffin

I fill mine up to about 1/4 inch from the top.
Gary Griffin

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Mike Josephic CLC #3877

DOT 3 is fine.  Do you know what's in your car
right now?  It's best to not mix fluid types.  You
most likely have DOT 3 as that has been the
standard for many years.

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Thanks! everyone for the Reads and Replies ...

I found the Specific Direction in the 1957 Shop Manual ...
Page 8-10
  (9)   7.  Refill reservoir only with clean Delco Super No. 11 Brake Fluid to within 3/4" of top.

I am using DOT 3, Non Synthetic.

Mark A.