41 Cadillac Lasalle Sedan v8

Started by Carol Van Goey, December 09, 2006, 02:25:12 PM

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Carol Van Goey

Could anyone give me a roundabout value of a 1941 Cadillac Lasalle Sedan V8 with a flathead in really good condition, runs.  I am thinking of buying it, it is an awesome car
Carol Van Goey

Geoff Newcombe #4719

1940 was the last year for the LaSalle, check your information and write back.  Price depends a great deal on model, condition, how bad you want the car, and how much you are willing to spend.  Let us know what you are REALLY looking at.  Good luck.

Rhino 21150

Look on the firewall for the identification plate, its just above the steering column. It will list the model as XX-YYZZ, The Xs indicate the year, the Ys indicate the series and the Zs indicate the model number (body style). There MAY also be a letter, which indicates details. Also, send along ALL of the numbers on the plate and we can tell you original color ,trim colors and a few other details.

Chip (CLC 21875)

I have a lot of these cars and below you see a table as to how I judge their value when I hear about one for sale.  One can find a 62 Sedan, the mid-range model, in decent condition, for about $10,000.  I feel that prices have declined lately, but others might disagree with me.  Established markets really do not exist for these kinds of cars.  Perhaps searching sold cars on eBay might give you an idea of current prices.

Please keep in mind that the numbers reflect MY OPINION and a VERY ROUGH estimate.  Someone else might disagree.  

Find the Cowl Tag (aka Data Plate) on the driver side of the car (open the hood and look near the hinge) to identify the model.  If it does not have such a tag, look for the VIN on the frame of the car, again on the driver side, right near the engine where it branches into a Y (bring a wire brush).  I listed VINs in the table.

Model   VIN range          rough value
41-60S  6340001 - 6344101  most valuable
41-61   5340001 - 5369258  less valuable
41-62   8340001 - 8364734  least valuable, except convertibles and coupe
41-63   7340001 - 7345050  less valuable
41-67   9340001 - 9340922  more valuable
41-75   3340001 - 3342104  more valuable, especially custom models