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Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1968 Calais choke coil
Last post by Matti R - Today at 03:38:08 AM
Quote from: Gene Beaird on March 31, 2023, 04:11:05 PMDaryl,

Correct, the one I was initially looking at is not the same.  I am ~99% certain that the bimetal coil has failed.  I was hoping to find a replacement, so I could get in and get out, and not have yet another stalled project in the shop waiting for parts.  I guess I need to pull the coil assembly out and verify functionality.  Everything moves in there, and the vacuum brakes work as expected.  I guess I get to start 'playing' with a replacement coil-only.  Thank you. 
Before any purchase it is good idea to pull the coil assy out and check inside. It is very very simple system so probably easy to identify the problem there.
No tool with that set of valve seals - maybe I should just make my own one from some tape or similar
General Discussion / Re: Cleaning aluminum grill pa...
Last post by cadillactim - Today at 12:46:00 AM
If you can find a cleaner with hydroflouric acid that will work. When I could get it Eagle brand Mag Wheel cleaner was great! Spray it on, wait 15 seconds, then rinse off. No disassembly required. Works great on chrome also.

Newsletters / April Issue of The Standard - ...
Last post by Butalla - Today at 12:17:41 AM
Enjoy our annual most entertaining newsletter!
Newsletters / March Issue of The Standard - ...
Last post by Butalla - Today at 12:15:59 AM
Sorry, I forgot to post this last month
Technical / Authenticity / Re: how to add oil filter to 3...
Last post by LaSalle5019 - Yesterday at 11:58:32 PM
Without modifying the block, the best you can get is a partial flow solution. The source comes from the line feeding the lifters and MUST use a restriction (1/16" hole if I recall correctly) to keep from starving the lifters. It sounds like the info Bob has will provide those details.
General Discussion / Re: hard brake pedal
Last post by Lexi - Yesterday at 11:38:15 PM
Changing brake shoe linings can also effect the feel of the pedal. Clay/Lexi
Want To Buy - Parts / Re: 1975 power trunk pull down...
Last post by brtcpa75Cadillac - Yesterday at 11:36:05 PM
Thank you  I hope I did it right but tried just now to send you a PM about the part.   Have a great weekend. 
I've got an excellent used unit. If you are interested PM me.
Greg Surfas
Want To Buy - Parts / 1975 power trunk pull down uni...
Last post by brtcpa75Cadillac - Yesterday at 10:43:48 PM
I purchased a 1975 Fleetwood last year.  the power trunk pull down worked fine until today at a charity show.  It just up and quit   All the car guys tried to figure it out in the parking lot but I had to drive hom eith bunji cord holding down the trunk lid   Embarrassing for sure.   I never had trouble with 76 and 78 Eldorado pull down the 15 years we owned them.  This one i have had less than  a year and it goes out on me.  I am not a meachanic.   I found two used (but untested) units on ebay today but am leary of buying something that is not tested and cannot be returned.  i see some rebuild services where you send your unit away and they rebuild it if they can before returning to you.  I think there is reference to if the plastic is broken, it is a different story.   What are you guys and gals doing to get it working in your cars.   Any leads on parts.  I sent email to one place in the latest club magazine and have a couple more to call but they do not have email listed in hte classified ad? 

Thank you
Bradley Teets
Member #33995