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Started by Matt CLC#18621, March 25, 2019, 08:15:24 PM

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Quote from: The Tassie Devil(le) on March 26, 2019, 07:25:47 PM
I am not a fan of Cadillac using the Bustle Back design, as it is purely taken from the Rolls Royce models, and therefore denigrated Cadillac in my opinion.

It doesn't increase the capacity of the trunk.

Bruce. >:D

...apart from being, in my opinion, butt ugly!
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Quote from: Roger Zimmermann
Contrary to other people, I was not a fan from this bustle-back Seville. The rear is nice (it's a copy from noble English car models as other pointed out), the front is really Cadillac, but both together don't match.   

I figured it was just an attempt to get a 4 door body on the 79
Eldo/Toro/Riv chassis, using mostly the same hardware for the
drive train and from the dash forward.  This to replace the 76-79
RWD Seville.  Maybe that was the only way to get a decent trunk. 
Bruce Roe


Styling is a matter of personal taste. I'll admit that I never paid much attention to the bustle-back Seville. But now when I see one at a car show (including at the Fall Festival at Gilmore last September), they look quite striking and they certainly do not look like cookie-cutter cars. As much as I like the DeVilles from 1977 though mid-80s or so (and I DO like them), their styling is not terribly far away from some of the Caprices in some of those years (also good-looking models). I find the Seville to be elegant and very distinctive. But, again, this is all subjective -- whatever floats your boat...

To quote my earlier posting, "It's interesting to compare the front-drive 1980 Seville with the rear-drive 1980 Fleetwood Sedan. The base Seville was at least $4500 more, and weighed nearly 200 pounds less. The Seville was much shorter at 205 inches vs. 221 inches, and it was 5 inches narrower. Both had versions of the Cadillac 6.0 liter V8, but the Seville had new-generation EFI. Seville had independent suspension on all four corners. Unless I needed to carry more than four passengers, I can see an argument for choosing a Seville Elegante over a Fleetwood Brougham in 1980." (Thanks, Eric, for correcting my erroneous reference to " D'Elegante ".)

So if some don't find the bustle-back styling objectionable, is a 1980 Seville with the 6.0 liter gasoline engine a good choice as a special interest car? Or perhaps as a daily driver?  I suspect the answer is yes, although it hadn't really been on the radar for me until very recently.

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Just so you guys will know, the bronze 1980 Seville in Chicago on CL over the winter is "gone."
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Quote from: Barry M Wheeler #2189 on April 01, 2019, 10:57:25 PM
Just so you guys will know, the bronze 1980 Seville in Chicago on CL over the winter is "gone."

Sold? or just dropped off?  I saw it for quite a while so it did probably finally sell but with Craigslist you sometimes don't know.  IMO, that car was a good purchase for our purposes of collector usage.  And I loved the color.