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Various Cadillac Parts 1939 and later

Started by windsor53, March 28, 2023, 03:18:00 PM

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Listing for sale some various Cadillac parts.

1939 Cadillac Speedometer instrument cluster, Needs restoration, good glass:  $200
1939 Cadillac finned tail light. Needs restoration, has chips and pits: $250
1939 Cadillac Dome. Light Lens and Ring Only. Very Nice: $40

1963 Cadillac Tail Light Lens. Nice with no cracks:  $35
1968 Cadillac Tail Light Lens. Perfect Condition: $50

Located in Canby Oregon, but will ship anywhere.  Price just reduced!

IMG_9525.jpg IMG_9027.JPG
IMG_9044.JPG IMG_9364.JPG
IMG_9367.JPG IMG_9492 Cadillac.JPG

Brad Ipsen CLC #737

Instruments are 39 only with curved glass.  38 is completely different and 40 is similar but flat glass.  Taillight fin is 39 and L & R.  Taillight body is 38 R and 39 L & R.  Not sure on dome light.
Brad Ipsen
1940 Cadillac 60S
1938 Cadillac 9039
1940 Cadillac 6267
1940 LaSalle 5227
1949 Cadillac 6237X
1940 Cadillac 60S Limo