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Steve really understands how it is driving on SoCal roadways. I notice that up in Orange County, they really take better care of their infrastructure than down here in San Diego. Our government here in SD rarely if ever maintains our roadways. They are mostly a "reactive" type of government where unless it's an emergency type situation and something needs to be addressed and fix, than they have no choice but to repair whatever the problem is, be it a drain pipe that burst, to a sink hole, to something hazardous to the public. Other than that, if you ever request work to fix something in your neighborhood, forget it, the city will
never come out to fix/repair anything even after multiple requests.

At least in other cities they do a lot of preventive maintenance so things like this don't happen. They spend the money in the right places.

I am always so amazed on how smooth, clean and extremely well cared for Las Vegas roadways are. Even cities in Arizona, you guys have such pristine streets and freeways that it makes many parts of CA look like we are driving in a war torn country that's been bombed left and right.

Cadillac and all the old cars built years ago with tall sidewall tires mainly 70-75 series, never suffered or you ever feared of bending a wheel because of a pothole. Bruce gots it right, our old Cads are built like tanks and can withstand the abuse from the road especially with the heavy steel wheels vs aluminum wheels that can easily get scrapped up that are on every new vehicle today. Suspension, steering and axle damage occurs easily as well on the modern stuff.

As auto manufacturers went towards the trend of larger wheels, with low-pro tires that's when the concerns started to occur with rims being permanently damaged due to crater sized potholes.

It really makes you think of owning a truck or an SUV that comes standard with large tires if you live in a city with terrible streets because even most crossovers/cars  today are riding on 40-50 series tires that simply do not have enough sidewall to absorb rough roads and harsh impacts.

You need truck if you live where I live because at least it will be able to take a beating from the 3rd world roadways we have here in SoCal.

What was surprising yesterday while driving around, I noticed 3 cars that were riding on their skinny spare tires. Never seen 3 cars riding on spares in one day like that. This lead me to believe that those drivers must have hit a pothole that blew out their tires.

Those pictures above are from residents that have recently sent pictures into the "Get it done" app where people can make requests for repairs or make a complaint about something to the city of SD.

Another reason why I want to leave California so bad. Nothing ever gets fixed here even after multiple complaints. In many ways I believe local cities should be held accountable by law for allowing its infrastructure to deteriorate so badly that not only is aesthetically horrible to look at, but it's a safety concern for drivers that can cause a major crash or break someone's wheel where it can cause an accident. Cities should be held financially and legally responsible if request have been made to fix a problem and it never gets done. Fines to those cities by the state and federal governments I feel will really light a fire under their asses to get them to finally to a damn thing once and for all.

Here's some more pics from the app. It's literally never ending.
Yes, it is an important part of the oiling system. The same slinger was used on 472's and 500's from 1968 through 1976 and on into the 425 and 368 series motors. Return oil running down through the opening from the lifter valley hits the slinger and of course is slung around the front of the engine between the block and the timing cover to oil the timing chain.gears.
Greg Surfas
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1964 steering Sector ratio
Last post by V63 - Today at 03:18:06 AM
You might investigate a 'variable ratio' steering Box which was pioneered and offered in 1965 Cadillacs
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1964 steering Sector ratio
Last post by 6262 - Today at 02:41:18 AM

Thank you. Who rebuilds your steering box?
Technical / Authenticity / 1976 Eldorado Hydroboost
Last post by MIKE2CADDIES - Today at 01:04:49 AM
My hydroboost on my 1976 Biarritz with 9000 original miles was rebuilt because it was leaking.The brakes were working fine and just had the leak.  When the mechanic reinstalled it he did not flush and bleed the power steering system; replace the fluid or change the p/s filter. The booster was completely rebuilt and tested before it was shipped. The booster failed and the brake pedal would not come back up. It was sent back to the rebuilder who said the spooler valve seized. When it was disassembled he found decomposed rubber mixed with sludge between the lands of the spooler valve and explained this was an impediment to the free movement of the valve and caused the pedal delay. It is my understanding that the power steering system should be flushed and bled and the p/s filter changed when taking out and reinstalling the booster because you are disturbing the system and sediment can get stirred up and the first part of the booster to be affected would be the spooler valve. The mechanic said it is impossible for a 9000 mile car ( mind you it is 47 years old ) to have sediment in the power steering system and it is not necessary to flush, bleed and change the p/s filter when r/r the booster and the fact that it was working before it was sent for a complete rebuild proved there was no sediment in the power steering system. The mechanic was also not aware there was a power steering filter. Am I wrong?
Quote from: "Cadillac Kid" Greg Surfas 15364 on Yesterday at 10:37:21 PMIf I am not mistaken the fuel filter (up to 74 or 75 was in the fuel pump itself behind the big nut that the line to the carburetor comes out.
Greg Surfas

So, would that be like the small mesh or scintered bronze filter thats in the Quadrajet inlet?
If you have the old seal, look for a number on it.  You might see the number on the outside face, or you might see the number on the rubber lip (if it is rubber!) of the seal.  If you find no number, you can use a caliper to measure the inside diameter of the bore the seal is pressed into, and the outside diameter of the shaft that the seal fits over.  These two dimensions along with the depth (or thickness) of the seal shell is all that a bearing house needs to set you up with a replacement seal.  Be sure to tell the counter person what the application is so that they will get the proper seal lip configuration.  If you have the parts catalog, you can look to see what the GM part number is and the counter person might be able to interchange it.  On that age of transmission they were probably using leather seals, and modern seal will be much better, but will probably have to be acquired using dimensions.

Daryl Chesterman
Want To Buy - Parts / Re: Wanted : Parts for a 1928 ...
Last post by 28cad30las - Yesterday at 11:27:00 PM
Quote from: cadillac32 on March 20, 2023, 08:51:56 PMI might have the hood hold downs. Please add a picture with dimensions to make sure I can match your needs. Jim

My hood hold down is approximately 6.375 inches long from top of grip to where it bolts to fender. The center to center dimension of bolt holes where it bolts to fender is 1.5 inches. I am new to the club and cannot figure out how to get a picture of the hold down to you. Can you email me at and I will send off a picture of it to you.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: '76 Eldorado timing gear r...
Last post by bcroe - Yesterday at 11:16:55 PM
Having the right tools is key to getting the
job done without a lot of fustration.  I made
my own for pulling the timing sprocket off
the crankshaft.  Bruce RoeTCtool.JPG
General Discussion / Re: 1975 Eldorado Crank Shaft ...
Last post by scottsdaleaz - Yesterday at 10:54:17 PM
well, on risk, i bought a lower priced one off ebay from a 1971 to get the logistics pipeline in motion. But i would appreciate a definitive answer.