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1941 Cadillac

Started by Willbarq, August 17, 2022, 07:03:16 PM

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This is kind of a generic post. I want to see if I can stir up the nest a little bit
closer to home. I want a 1941. It can be a coupe, vert, 4 door, limo... I am looking for a restoration project . I am in the Northwest Ohio region of the country " think Detroit and Toledo" vicinity. I wanted to see if I could stir up something closer to home.

I would consider all the 1940s , but I am focusing on 1941 because I want a manual transmission car.

A year or two ago there was a potential project in Pittsburgh. Carting , hauling a project car 1200 1300 miles ..especially since my "I have a buddy" days, are pretty much over. It's me...


I am considering selling my LaSalle project. Lots of work done, engine, paint. Lots of work left to do. Will never be a concours resto but will make a fun driver. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. PM for information...


Maybe a little too far (Oregon) but I have and excellent series 63 that is looking for a home.
Complete,rust free CA car that has been in storage since the 1980's. Original owner started a restoration but stopped work when the body work and paint was lousy.

ALL, yes all, the exterior and interior chrome has been replated. Interior garnish moldings and dash were professionally wood grained and the interior seats door panels and headliner was redone.
Even has a new wiring loom  but not installed.

I have had the car for 16 years and just haven't made the time to start the project.

If you are interested I can supply some pics.

Good luck on your search,