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General Discussion / More Technical Issues
Last post by sbartelski - Today at 04:02:36 PM
I am afraid we have again run into the issue that images cannot be uploaded. I am working with our server provider to get this resolved as soon as possible, and resolved for the long term, as we had this issue not so long ago

Quote from: Bryan J Moran on Today at 03:13:58 PMI would not "not" buy a 1979-1981. These cars are 42-44 years old, they will all need attention. Imagine the nicest 1979 in great colors, a Biarritz with 23,000 original miles.  Still going to need to be "gone through." 

How is "needing to be gone through" any different for 95% the cars discussed here? Welcome to the old car hobby! Are you suggesting that someone interested in a third generation FWD Eldorado look toward a HT4100 car rather than a 1979 - 1981 on the basis it's "42 - 44 years old"? Why, is a 39 year old 1985 HT4100 preferable? I don't follow your reasoning.  ???
For Sale - Cars / 1981 Diesel Eldorado 100,000 ...
Last post by Bryan J Moran - Today at 03:40:03 PM

1981 Cadillac Eldorado · Coupe · Driven 100,090 miles

A1981 Cadillac Eldorado diesel with 100,090 miles. This is a very nice car with a diesel V8 engine. This is a two-owner car and the previous owner stated the original diesel engine was changed in 1985 when the car had 30k miles. Approximately 70k on this 2nd diesel engine. This engine runs grwat. Dual power seats, 8 track player, factory CB, and leather.

The car is very nice inside and out. Rides like you are floating down the road. The leather seats are in perfect shape. The headliner is great. The carpet is clean. The engine and trunk compartments are clean. New Hankook tires with less than 500 miles on them.

New pair of batteries. New belts and exhaust. The paint is nice and shiny with a few flaws and dings. There is a scratch on the lower driver's door and two dings on the trunk, shown in pictures. Please contact me through messenger. $5000 OBO. Trades also considered. Located in Albert Lea Southern Minnesota.

For Sale - Cars / Re: 1981 Eldorado $8,000 145...
Last post by Bryan J Moran - Today at 03:35:57 PM
Again 5 weeks and no interest.  I see junk go for $5,000 overnight because it's "collectible". Geez.
For Sale - Cars / 1981 Eldorado $8,000 145,000...
Last post by Bryan J Moran - Today at 03:34:56 PM

Biarritz.  Stainless Steel Roof.  V8-6-4 engine.  Satellite radio and alarm system.  Body and mechanics are in great condition.  Always stored for the winter, was my fathers prized possession.  8K or best offer.  Clean title.


Not mine, nor would I pay anywhere near $8,000 for a Minnesota based 145,000 1981 Eldorado BUT it does show the overall quality of this era.  That car does not look like a 145,000 mile car, beautiful!
For Sale - Cars / 1979 Eldorado $12,999 23,000 m...
Last post by Bryan J Moran - Today at 03:31:58 PM

Owned by my grandmother for 40 year, but she has passed. It's a beautiful car and recently had engine replaced. Red interior w white tufted leather seats. A true head turner.


Not sure whether to believe much about this ad, estate drop to a granddaughter, street photos with no open doors, replaced engine at 23,000 miles  BUT - has the nicer aluminum wheelset I like, and I guess it's a Biarritz, but I personally do not see that as a plus, since virtually all 79-81 Eldorados were well equipped.
For Sale - Cars / Re: 1979 Eldorado $13,000 48...
Last post by Bryan J Moran - Today at 03:26:49 PM
Note that it languishes at 4 months old ad.  Not sure what it is worth but I love those colors, something a bit different and no vinyl roof.  Original colors you think?
For Sale - Cars / 1979 Eldorado $13,000 48,000...
Last post by Bryan J Moran - Today at 03:25:32 PM
Speaking of Eldorado's from 1979 to 1981, I wanted to go in and see what was out there -

1979 Cadillac Eldorado · Coupe · Driven 48,458 miles

All original, garage kept, rust free, 2 owner 79 Eldorado with title. Rides like a dream..Engine: Original 5.7 V8 automatic fuel injection. Exterior: 2 tone emerald green over green. All lights work as should. All bumpers, badges, chrome are in excellent shape. Interior: Leather, small cracks in drivers seat (shown in pic), but no tears. Back seats, arm rest, carpet, door panels,  dashboard are all in excellent condition, no cracking. Electric windows, seats, and mirrors all work correctly. New: Tires, brakes, fuel injectors, This car is a must see. Runs, drives, stops as should. Will not respond to is this still available. Private message me for an appointment to look. $13K OBO
General Discussion / Re: USA Parts Supply
Last post by Bryan J Moran - Today at 03:15:30 PM
I don't like abbreviated use of the name Cadillac. "Caddy" not for me.
It really is sad. Why did Cadillac even greenlight the 4100?  And then stick with it for most of the decade and then replace it - after the respected 4.9 - with another under-engineered ticking time bomb? 

I should not come on to bash but it was stream of consciousness writing.  I think Mr. Landi has mentioned that the 4.1 era can get a motor swap.  I would not "not" buy a 1979-1981. These cars are 42-44 years old, they will all need attention. Imagine the nicest 1979 in great colors, a Biarritz with 23,000 original miles.  Still going to need to be "gone through."